Watch Tom Hanks Hilariously Give Tom Holland an Acting Lesson

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Tom Hanks is handing down some of his Oscar-winning knowledge.

The leading man, who voices Toy Story 4’s heroic character Woody, appeared on The Graham Norton Show this week alongside Spider-Man: Far From Home stars Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal, where he discussed the involved process that allows Pixar to capture his voice for the role.

“I have never begun a recording session without wishing it was already over,” he admitted on the BBC show. “Because, understand, Woody is clenched all the time. He’s clenched. There’s something he’s gotta explain, or, ‘Come on, guys! Or ‘No, no, no, no, look out, look out, look out! This way, this way.’ It’s all that and you can’t move, the microphone is right there, and you have to be like this.”

That’s when he showed viewers and fellow guests how he attempts to act without leaving the microphone, which yielded a surprised expression or two from Gwyneth Paltrow, who was also on hand. Then, the two-time Oscar winner discussed the seemingly torturous process of capturing Woody’s grunts to illustrate how the film incorporates his voice beyond dialogue.

“I think they are gleeful in making you ring every possible meaning from a line,” he stated, likening recording to an acting exercise, "Where you have a very simple cue and a very simple line. And the cue might be, ‘Would you like some more coffee?’ And the line you have to say is, ‘Coffee, you think I want more coffee? Boy, do I need more coffee.’”

At this point, he challenges Holland to try this exercise out. The first time he offers the line, the 23-year-old leading man looks utterly baffled, but after some coaching, he begins to get the hang of it. By the end, Holland is begging, “Coffee, please, Tom Hanks, give me some more coffee!”

Afterward, Gyllenhaal pointed out that the younger actor had adopted an American accent for the exercise, which prompted Holland to admit, “I can’t act with an English accent anymore. I did a commercial the other day as Tom Holland and I was like, ‘Hey guys, how you doin’?’ [with an American accent] and they’re like, ‘You’re from Kingston, by the way.’”

ET’s Keltie Knight recently sat down with the cast of Far From Home, where Holland discussed tackling Spidey and the European production.

“It was kind of cool, it was interesting, the day we walked on set for the first time, it felt like we had come back from our summer break,” he shared. “Like Spiderman one was our first year of school and this was our second year of school, so it didn't feel like any time had really passed.”

“But for me, to be able to bring Spider-Man, the franchise, to my home city was really, really awesome and I'm super proud that I was able to do that,” he added. “And then to also have my friends come spend some time in London and show them around the city was really awesome.” 

He also gushed about working alongside Gyllenhaal, who plays Mysterio in the film, stating he’s someone “I’ve really looked up to for years.”

Check out ET's full interview with the cast up above.

Spider-Man: Far From Home arrives in theaters on July 2.


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