Wendy Williams Fires Back After Howard Stern Diss: ‘Stop Hating on Me’

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Wendy Williams and Howard Stern can't seem to bury the hatchet. Less than a year after the two radio titans seemingly made amends, they're once again at odds. 

It started Monday on Stern's SiriusXM show, when the shock jock was talking about the National Radio Hall of Fame. He was inducted in 2012, one year after Williams. 

"No offense to Wendy Williams, but they put Wendy Williams in before me," he said. 

Williams wasn't about to take that remark lying down. On the "Hot Topics" portion of The Wendy Williams Show on Tuesday, the former radio host addressed the comment by initially agreeing with Stern. 

"You know what, Howard? I was offended the night that I got my award, even though I loved it -- my family was there and everybody was so happy... Howard was inducted in 2012, I was in 2011," she explained. "Well, Howard, I agree with you, king of all media, a hero to me and many people around here. There's nothing you could say that would make me stop loving you, Howard. I agree, he was supposed to be there before me. He was in before I was... Personally and professionally, I admire you, Howard Stern, and they were wrong for that. But don't hate on me because I got in before you."

She went on to note, "I know the only reason that I got in is that I had a new talk show. I went from radio, successfully, to TV with my own show. You haven't done that. America's Got Talent was already successful. You were part of an ensemble when you got there." 

Williams, 55, ended the discussion by giving Stern, 66, some advice. "Keep your hundreds of thousands of dollars, your beautiful wife, Beth [Stern], all those animals that you all rescue and be happy, man," she said. "And stop hating on me 'cause I don't hate you!" 

In May 2019, the two radio stars got into a heated exchange after Williams said that Hollywood had changed Stern. For more, watch the clip below: 


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