'West Wing' Star Richard Schiff Hospitalized With COVID-19

Richard Schiff
Earl Gibson III/FilmMagic

Schiff is the latest actor to be hospitalized after becoming infected with the coronavirus.

Two weeks after testing positive for the coronavirus, Richard Schiff has updated fans on his health, sharing that he has been hospitalized. The 65-year-old star of The West Wing and The Good Doctor posted the update on Twitter on Monday.

"Covid update. Thank you all for so much love and support. You’re making it so much easier for @thesheilakelley and me," Schiff wrote. "I am in the hospital on Remdesivir, O2 and steroids showing some improvement every day. Sheila is home and doing better but still fairly ill. Love you all."

Schiff revealed his illness on Nov. 11, sharing how he had learned that he was positive for COVID-19 on the day of the U.S. presidential election and that his actress wife, Sheila Kelley, had also tested positive for the illness.

"On Election Day I tested positive for Covid-19," he wrote on Twitter. "This has been the most bizarre week of our lives. @thesheilakelley is also positive. This is tough."

"We are determined to find a way to health again," he continued. "We root for everyone out there who are struggling with this thing. Love from here."

News of Schiff's hospitalization comes five days after Kelley posted a photo of the couple on Instagram, in which she said they were quarantining in Vancouver, Canada.

"We‘re quarantined in our home in Vancouver, recovering," Kelley wrote. "This virus is a slippery sucker. One minute you feel almost fine and the next you can’t catch your breath. Symptoms change radically daily even hourly."

Schiff's health setback comes just weeks after he participated in a West Wing cast reunion, which saw the actors stage a theatrical reading of their season 3 episode, "Hartsfield's Landing."

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