'Westworld' Will Offer Fans 'More' in Season 3, Rodrigo Santoro Says (Exclusive)


The actor teases what's up next for Hector when the HBO series returns in 2020.

We may have left the park, but Westworld will offer "more" to fans in season three, according to star Rodrigo Santoro. 

"You will figure it [out]! You will! That's the thing about this, you will get probably more than you got before," the Brazilian actor told ET at the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills, California, on Friday, where he was promoting his upcoming Hulu noir series, Reprisal. 

Santoro is currently pulling double duty, filming both Reprisal and Westworld at the same time. He's about halfway through each project -- and noted Westworld has found a way to make his burly Reprisal beard "work" for them. 

"I'm learning [how to balance both roles] as we go," Santoro confessed. "The good thing is they are very different. Hector [in Westworld] and Joel [in Reprisal] are very different. The only thing they might share is they both can figure out a situation when they need to. But they're just very different. Hector's not even human!" 

Fans were surprised to see the 43-year-old actor in Westworld's latest trailer, released at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend. Blink and you'll miss Hector, who is seen embracing Maeve (Thandie Newton) in a seemingly new Delos park, inspired by World War II. The show's season two finale saw almost all the hosts wiped out by Dolores... so is Hector still even Hector? 

"I can't tell you anything!" Santoro cracked. "You know the deal with Westworld." 

The actor did hint, however, that fans will see more of his character after ushering Maeve through her journey in seasons one and two. "You will, but we're still on, like, the middle of it, so I don't have access to the script. I can't tell you [for sure], but I think you will." 

From the looks of things, Maeve will need all the help she can get as she prepares to take on Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), at Bernard's (Jeffrey Wright) request. 

"I mean, Westworld is such a -- I can't compare it to any experience I had before, not just because of the scope of what is the show, the caliber of talent that I have the opportunity to work with, creatively speaking, and also playing a character that is not human, playing with consciousness, playing with so many things that are so subtle that it's just hard to even compare. I'm so grateful to be a part of it through this whole process," Santoro said.

"It's not easy -- it's not an easy one. But every time I'm there, it just pays off, instantly. And when I watch it, I love it. I love it! And I love working with them. So, it's great," he added. "But [Reprisal] doesn't fall behind. This is proving to be [as good] -- we're shooting episode four and five right now, and I'm very excited."

Westworld returns to HBO in 2020. All 10 episodes of Reprisal premiere Friday, Dec. 6 on Hulu.