Aaron Paul Makes 'Westworld' Debut in Season 3 Trailer Ahead of 'Game of Thrones' Series Finale -- Watch!

Aaron Paul in 'Westworld' Season 3 Trailer

New faces are coming toWestworld, and fans are very excited.

Game of Thrones came to an end on Sunday, and in a possible effort to convince everyone not to cancel their subscriptions right after the last scene, HBO released their newest trailer for the highly-anticipated third season.

The surprising trailer gives fans their first look at Aaron Paul in a city filled with hover-cars, neon lights, robots and a neo-dystopian mood that looks unlike anything fans have seen from the series before.

Set to "Brain Damage" by Pink Floyd, the brief glimpse also gives us a look at some of Paul's newcomer co-stars, including Lena Waithe. However, there was still no look at Vincent Cassel, who is coming on board for season 3.

Unlike the first two seasons of the acclaimed sci-fi series, it looks like the third season will take place almost entirely outside the confines of the eponymous Westworld, and in the streets and on the rooftops of the world of the future.

While this trailer has certainly whet the appetites of many, fans will still have to wait till 2020 for the series to premiere.

Meanwhile, fans got their final episode of Game of Thrones moments later. Check out the video below for more on this divisive last season of the celebrated fantasy drama.


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Aaron Paul Joins 'Westworld' Season 3

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