‘When Calls the Heart’ Sneak Peek: Nathan Emotionally Tells Elizabeth How His Father Ended Up in Prison

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Elizabeth, Nathan and Lucas aren’t the only complicated trio in Hope Valley.

In the second episode of When Calls the Heart season 7, titled "The Heart of a Father," fans will learn more about Nathan’s tumultuous relationship with his estranged father, Archie, and how it impacts Nathan’s niece, Allie. Of course, the curious young lady has a strong desire to connect with her grandfather in hopes of learning more about her late mother (Nathan’s sister), much to Nathan’s dismay. 

In an exclusive sneak peek clip obtained by ET, an emotional Nathan opens up to Elizabeth about why he’s resentful of his father, and begrudges him showing up to town unannounced. He explains, “When I was Allie’s age, I remember finding my mother in tears because my father pawned a ruby brooch he bought for her to pay for a gambling debt.” Nathan continues, telling Elizabeth that his father’s dangerous ways eventually led him to steal from the bank that he worked at, which is how he landed in prison not once, but twice.


According to these first look images, Allie will have a chance to connect with her grandfather at a town gathering. However, based on the expressions on Jesse, Clara, Lee and Rosemary’s faces, drama may be stirring up, as the pics also show Nathan, dressed in uniform, walking into the event with a stern look.

In a separate clip, there's a more lighthearted interaction between the Mountie and schoolteacher. Elizabeth comes over to Nathan and Allie’s home to help supervise a slumber party, and while they’re decorating cupcakes, Elizabeth flirts with Nathan by placing a dollop of frosting on his nose -- perhaps the pair's most playful interaction yet!

Are you Team Nathan or Team Lucas? ET asked the entire When Calls the Heart cast to weigh in, watch their responses in the video below!

When Calls the Heart airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Hallmark Channel.


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