‘When Calls the Heart’ Boss Teases Season 7: New Romances, a Wedding and Relationship Challenges (Exclusive)

'When Calls the Heart' season seven will feature lots of romance, relationship challenges and even a wedding!

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Do not proceed if you haven’t watched "When Calls the Heart: Home for Christmas"!

Last year during the When Calls the Heart Christmas movie, it was all about The Greatest Christmas Blessing (the birth of baby Jack!). But this year, our favorite characters in Hope Valley took time to enjoy Christmas at Home, and what a joyous time at home it was! 

Not only did Lucas help put together a holiday festival, he also pulled off a stunning light display that illuminated the sky and left the town completely breathless. Rosemary, Lee and Bill worked overtime to get Little Jack the perfect first birthday gift, as Nathan struggled with the decision to accept a job promotion in a new city. (Thankfully, he decided to stay with his niece, Allie, in Hope Valley!)

Of course, we also saw romantic relationships progress between Faith and Carson and Clara and Jesse, but let’s be honest, we’re still full of so many questions and can’t wait to see what happens next. Keep reading below to see our exclusive interview with WCTH executive producer Alfonso H. Moreno, who dished on all the romantic developments and challenges that lie ahead.

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ET: We just watched When Calls the Heart: Home for Christmas. What emotions do you hope the movie evokes out of hearties? What do you want them to take away?

Alfonso H. Moreno: Throughout the process of writing and producing this movie, I kept in mind that people would be watching it on Christmas evening. They would have already opened their presents and had their special meal. So, I wanted to cap off the night for them with a story that was both emotional and grounded in what happens over the holidays, which is our desire to connect or reconnect to the people we care about. 

Let's talk some specifics... After receiving a job promotion, we saw Nathan really struggle with his decision to leave Hope Valley -- and he ultimately turned it down. How much of that decision was because of Allie, and how much of that was because of his feelings for Elizabeth?

While it is hard to quantify, Nathan’s decision to stay was based both on Allie and Elizabeth. With Allie, Nathan can see that Hope Valley has become her home and is extremely important to her. With respect to Elizabeth, at this point, Nathan has hope that their relationship can evolve into something more; but it is not certain.

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Lucas pulled off quite a grand gesture, lighting up the sky for the kind people of Hope Valley, including (wink wink) a certain Elizabeth Thornton! What kind of impression did this leave on Elizabeth? Will grand gestures like this help Lucas win Elizabeth's heart in the end?

Grand gestures are important when they come from the heart – and this one from Lucas definitely did, which Elizabeth appreciates. Of course, “the end” hasn’t been written, but I will say that whenever someone shows another person that, they will move heaven and earth to make them happy, it leaves a good impression.

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Nathan, on the other hand, hasn't been as proactive with pursuing Elizabeth -- in fact, it was Allie who was the one who broke the news to Elizabeth that Nathan turned down the new job offer. How does Elizabeth feel about this push-pull dynamic between them? Will we see him step up his game in season 7? 
I think Elizabeth realizes that people are different. Nathan has been less proactive; but he has other very strong qualities. Having said that, he definitely does step up his game in season 7.

Baby Jack uttered his first word, which was so exciting! What other "firsts" or milestones will we see in season 7?

There will be plenty of firsts in season 7, including in the very first episode. I hope people will tune in for them!

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Rosemary made several references to the fact that she wishes to become a mother. How much of that narrative will we see play out in season 7? How important is it to her to become a mother? Will she and Lee explore all avenues of becoming parents (adoption, fostering, etc.)?

Rosemary has a deep desire to become a mother. Season 6 touched on this issue for her that is both emotional and universal. In season 7 and moving forward, it continues to be a part of who Rosemary is. 

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After watching that kiss, and seeing the lengths they went to spend the holiday together, Carson and Faith seem more in love than ever! Is it safe to assume that? Where is their relationship heading?

Carson and Faith’s relationship is at that “new” fun and exciting stage. It is headed for some bumps in the road. Stay tuned. It will be fun to watch.

We met a new character, Walter. Will he have a continued presence in Hope Valley? If so, how will he fit into the group?

Walter doesn’t reappear in Season 7, though I would love to bring him back in future seasons. He was a charming and interesting character to write.

It's always a treat for hearties to see characters like Florence, Molly and Hickam. What's in store for them in the upcoming season?

They will all face their own challenges during the course of the season: Molly is offered a new job opportunity; Florence and Hickam face unexpected challenges in their work.

This was the first WCTH Christmas movie without Abigail. Can you please offer a message to fans who miss her?

I think the town of Hope Valley, like the fans of the show, miss Abigail. For both, it is about embracing the past, but learning to move forward.

What can you tell us about season 7? Can you please tease specific storylines that you're excited for fans to see? Will Elizabeth make a decision between Nathan and Lucas?

I won’t spoil the Elizabeth/Lucas/Nathan triangle, but I will say that this storyline is a central focus of the season. Lucas and Nathan let Elizabeth know, in no uncertain terms, how they feel about her.  Also, Nathan is confronted with his past when his father shows up in town. Clara and Jesse plan their wedding. Elizabeth pursues a unique career opportunity. Lee reveals a big secret about his past to Rosemary. Bill has to put a jury together in a legal case against Gowen. Lucas and Gowen deal with Gowen Petroleum, which is at risk of going under. Carson and Faith face some challenges in their relationship. Finally, our characters have to deal with more than just emotional slings and arrows, as some of them end up in harm’s way, either by the natural elements or, in one instance, at the hand of another.