Where Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis' Relationship Stands Amid Difficult Custody Battle

The actors have been fighting it out in court over their children's custody.

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde are standing their ground amid their custody battle, with each of them vowing to fight for what's best for their two children, sources tell ET.

The point of contention between the exes has been where the children --  Otis, 8, and Daisy, 6 -- should live. Wilde has argued in court that their home should remain in L.A. with her, while Sudeikis insists it should be in New York. 

A source tells ET that the Ted Lasso star "has never liked Los Angeles and he wants things to be the way they were when they lived in New York." The source also says Sudeikis, 47, thinks "Olivia has changed" ever since she and the kids moved to L.A.

However, a source also tells ET that Wilde, 39, has made it clear she intends to remain in L.A. This source says Wilde "has her whole life here, as do their children." Wilde's lawyer recently argued, via legal documents obtained by The Daily Mail, that there's no reason for the children to move to New York, especially considering Daisy has never attended school there and Otis attended only one semester of kindergarten in New York in 2019. 

The source adds, "Olivia does her best to try to shield herself and their kids from the intrusive negativity. She doesn't want to play games or have this back and forth. She is constantly trying to be mature and protect their kids, and she doesn't want them to know about any of the animosity between their parents and makes sure not to talk badly about Jason to loved ones."

The same source says any time Wilde has tried to have a positive relationship with Sudeikis since they broke up, "she feels as though he takes advantage of it. She has made it clear to Jason that their relationship is over."

What's more, the source says "Olivia thinks Jason wants revenge because she broke up with him."

"She understands that he's the father of her children, and she tries to be as respectful as possible, but it is difficult when she believes Jason uses manipulative tactics," the source continues.

But another source tells ET, "There's nothing malicious about Jason's actions. Everything is about his children, as they are his only priority."

Previously, Wilde has argued that the point of contention between she and Sudeikis should be decided upon by a judge in California, with Sudeikis arguing it should be settled in New York. But a judge in New York previously ruled against Sudeikis on that legal front back in August 2022, and then again last week.  A source previously told ET that he's always wanted to continue raising the kids in New York, "especially considering the family home that they built together is in New York."



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