Why Cardi B Thought It Was Important to Talk About Her Liposuction (Exclusive)

The rapper also reveals to ET her plans for Mother's Day.

Cardi B wants fans to know what it's really like to undergo a cosmetic procedure.

On Wednesday night, the 26-year-old rapper spoke with ET's Katie Krause at the launch of her new Fashion Nova line at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, California, about her decision to get liposuction not long after getting a boob job.

Over the weekend, Cardi told concertgoers at the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, Tennessee, that she probably shouldn't be performing so soon after going under the knife. 

"I shouldn't really be performing. I should've canceled today because moving too much is gonna f**k up my lipo," she told the crowd. "But b**ch, I'm still gonna get this mother f**king money back, let's go!"

As for why she chose to be so candid about her surgery, Cardi told ET that she feels people don't know how tough the recovery process is after getting liposuction, a cosmetic procedure used to remove unwanted body fat.

"I want to explain to people how hard it is to process. I feel like people look at girls on Instagram and go, 'Oh, they got their lipo done and it was so easy,"' she said. "It is just such a long, hard process, almost like the same process as after you give birth to a baby and you see your body change and snapping it back."

According to several medical websites, it takes about one to two weeks to recover, and for the first five days, patients are asked to wear a compression garment, rest, drink fluids, and not shower or bathe. They also have to move every two hours to prevent the formation of blood clots, and to keep fluids moving in the body and reduce swelling.

Cardi B arrives at Fashion Nova Presents: Party With Cardi at Hollywood Palladium on May 8, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. - Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Fashion Nova

There's still no stopping Cardi! The "I Like It" emcee -- who gave birth to her first child, daughter Kulture, in July -- was sad to share that she's even working on her first Mother's Day. 

"I'm booked for Mother's Day. I'm giving people a very hard time for booking me on Mother's Day. I had just amazing plans for Mother's Day," she confided. "I wanted to wear something very lilac and match with my daughter, probably go to brunch with my husband [Offset] and my mom."

But all the hard work is paying off, as even the Princess of Pop, Britney Spears, has taken notice of Cardi and was recently working out to her music. 

"It's so dope because I'm a very big Britney Spears fan," she exclaimed. As for whether she'd ever work with Spears, she quipped, "What day?"

Cardi also had a sweet message for the pop star, who was recently released from a treatment center. "I love you and I totally understand. Fame will really drive you insane," she said. "...Then you have, like, the whole world looking at you, no privacy, it's crazy. I can't imagine if you do it for such a long time."

Prior to Cardi's liposuction confession, she opened up to ET about her decision to also get her breasts redone after the birth of her daughter. 

"I feel good, but then sometimes I feel like not, you know? [When] your skin is stretched out," she said of getting the plastic surgery. 

She jokingly added, "Yes, my daughter f**ked me up! She did, she so did."

Here's more of ET's interview with the incredibly candid Cardi: