Why Courteney Cox Is Binge Watching 'Friends' During Quarantine

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Courteney Cox spent 10 seasons playing Monica Geller in all 236 episodes of Friends, and she apparently has almost no recollection of any of it. However, she's trying to catch up.

The actress joined Jimmy Kimmel for his "Quarantine Minilogue" series on YouTube, and she revealed that she's decided to revisit her most famous series because of how little she remembers about it and how often people want to talk to her about it.

"I keep getting asked all these questions about Friends. But I don't remember even being on the show. I have such a bad memory," Cox said during their video chat interview. "I remember, obviously, loving everybody there and having fun. I remember certain times in my life when I was there, but I don't remember episodes. I would never pass, I'd fail every test."

So, to hone her skills, the actress made up her mind to buy the whole series on Amazon Prime and rewatch the whole thing from the very beginning.

"I decided during this time, since people love the show so much, I decided to binge-watch Friends," she explained. "I just started season 1. It's really good!"

As a special challenge, Kimmel said that he -- like so many others -- wanted to test Cox's Friends trivia skills (or lack thereof) by pitting her against his young cousin, Anthony, who's a self-proclaimed Friends fanatic.

While Cox clearly anticipated being embarrassed, Kimmel tried to ease her nerves by assuring her that all of the questions would be centered around her character, Monica.

"That doesn't help, but sure," Cox said with a laugh.

As a second layer to this surprise trivia match-up, Kimmel revealed that he didn't tell his cousin that he'd be competing against one of the stars from his favorite show. So when he joined them via group chat, Anthony adorably kind of loses it.

"This is the greatest moment of my life," Anthony says while laughing in disbelief.

The trivia did, in fact, focus exclusively on Monica, and included questions such as: What are the names of Monica's parents? Who was Monica's first kiss? What age did Ross say Monica first learned how to tell time? (The last of which actually stumped both contestants, but Kimmel gave the point to Anthony for coming closer).

In the end, Anthony ended up trouncing the Friends star 5 - 0, and she agreed to send him a random object from her house as a prize.

Cox -- who appeared on Kimmel's mini webisode to raise funds for Meals on Wheels -- has been in self-quarantine for two weeks, like so many others in America during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The pandemic has also put a halt to the hotly anticipated Friends reunion that has been in the works at HBO Max for months. "We were supposed to do it Monday and Tuesday of this week," Cox told Kimmel of the special's original filming schedule. 

However, she added the cast did gather as a group one time before the pandemic. "We did speak with the producer one time and we had a meeting -- except for David Schwimmer, he was in New York -- so we were all in the same room which was really fun."

Check out the video below to hear more.


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