Why Drew Barrymore Feels 'Relief' After 6 Daytime Emmy Nominations for Her Talk Show

The actress began her daytime talk show in 2020.

Drew Barrymore is loving life as a talk show host! The 47-year-old actress spoke about the success of her daytime show while chatting with Seth Meyers on Tuesday night.

Meyers began his conversation with Barrymore by congratulating her on the six daytime Emmy nominations she and the show have received. "I feel like relief is a huge definition of joy right now, too," Barrymore replied. "Like, I'm so relieved that it's working, that we get to stay."

"I'm way too attached to it," Barrymore continued. "All of my worth and happiness is in this show ... I'm like way too invested. And, you know, season to season you don't know and you're just kind of going to that finish line ... like, you see the precipice and you get more and more increasingly depressed at the idea of it not coming back."

It's no surprise that Barrymore is invested in her show. Ahead of the second season, she spoke to ET about her excitement for the talk show to continue.

"We're gonna launch with none other than someone who might be one of my favorite people on planet earth, Jennifer Aniston," she shared. "I'm so excited, because that is a movie star, an entertainer, a woman, a human, someone that we just all marvel at. She has longevity. I love this woman so much. I cannot believe I'm gonna get to do this with her."

"I can't think of anyone who I would rather listen to than her," Barrymore continued. "I just find her to be such an extraordinary woman that garners our attention and has for so long. It's anyone's dream to have her be that first guest. Any guest whatsoever. If Jennifer Aniston will come play in your field, you know it's the best day ever. I hope to give her an afternoon that she walks away from feeling like, 'That was different. I feel great about this. I was myself.'"

For Barrymore, the show is a balancing act.

"The thing about a show like this for me is to find the balance of the art of conversation with the people you know and love, to meet the people you have never heard of and now cannot get out of your mind and are inspired by," she explained. "The food, the design and the news... but also, how do we engage and do a little variety?"

Barrymore added, "I came from the era of television where there was a lot of playfulness. There have been so many talk show hosts that have carried that torch continually. That was always the art of how to bring that to daytime. This season is a really great opportunity for us to keep going with that ... I also think that this is a time where we can get back to some of that sweetness that television had. There was a gentleness and hopefulness that I think we need back."