Why Justin Theroux Felt 'Lucky' to Work With Emma Stone and Jonah Hill (Exclusive)

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Even stars can admire other stars.

Justin Theroux spoke with ET's Kevin Frazier at the New York premiere of Maniac, a new limited series from Netflix, that also stars Jonah Hill and Emma Stone.

"They're the best," Theroux said of his co-stars. "We really had one of the best overall crews and casts that I've worked with in a long time. I've been very lucky to work with incredible actors and directors, so  yeah this was different only in that you know I hadn’t worked with them but they're both just such professionals."

Theroux also sports an unusual look in the series, with a funky looking mop of hair to add to his mysterious doctor character.

"It was one of those things that you know he's essentially a guy who is, he's one of those guys that wears a wig who thinks everyone in the office doesn’t know he's wearing a wig but everyone in the office of course does. Also just, you know he's a very sort of narcissistic character and so it gives you that idea that he's hiding something all the time."

One thing Theroux isn't hiding? His love of bicycling, especially all around New York. The actor has been spotted on his bike in the past and had tips for surviving the Big Apple on two wheels.

"I actually think its pretty safe cause you know the other drivers in New York, their heads are like on a lazy susan so you kind of keep your head on a pivot too," the 47-year-old said. "I would be more afraid of biking in Los Angeles because people are like reading their phones when they're driving and stuff whereas in New York you can't not be looking around without within two seconds hitting something."

He added, "It's the quickest way to get around for sure too."

Maniac streams on Netflix Sept 21. For more on Theroux's other famous friendships, watch the video below!


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