Why Kacey Musgraves Has Only Seen Her Husband Twice in 2 Months (Exclusive)

The 30-year-old singer is a busy lady.

Kacey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly are both on tour -- separately. 

ET's Cassie DiLaura spoke with Musgraves on the red carpet at the 2018 CMA Awards in Nashville, Tennessee, on Wednesday, where she revealed that their busy schedules mean she's only seen Kelly a handful of times in the last few months. 

"I have seen my husband two times within two months, basically," Musgraves said, before noting "it's all good." "We will get a chance to slow down [around the holidays]. I'll get to see my family and just hang and wear sweats and no makeup, and that's what I like doing."

Though they might not get much time together, the 30-year-old singer assures fans that she and Kelly couldn't be stronger. 

"I mean, the whole record is about him," she said of Golden Hour, which is nominated for Album of the Year at the CMA Awards. "He inspired this entire album and the second that I met him, my world just opened up, and I feel like I bloomed in a lot of ways. I kind of had this metamorphosis of self, and I thank him a lot for that, and I look up to him a lot as a creator too. He's got a brilliant record [Dying Star] that just came out."

Musgraves, who nicknamed her Versace outfit on Wednesday "Yee-sace" in tribute to her country roots, said next for her and Kelly is hopefully kids, as they've just finished building a house in Nashville. 

Terry Wyatt/FilmMagic

"Maybe not anytime soon, but definitely though. I'm really into it, and we really do want to take that step at some point," Musgraves said. "He wants to tour and do his thing and get his album out. You know, I want to make another record, and I don't know, we'll see."

"Time's ticking I guess, so they say," she joked. "I don't know if that's real." 

For now, the singer is focusing on her music. "First and foremost, I make the music because it makes me feel good. That's something I want to say, and anyone or anything on top of that, liking it or whatever, it's seriously, icing on the cake," she insisted. 

"I had one foot in my country roots on this record, but I also had a foot in the future, playing with new sounds and working with new people, and taking creative risks can be daunting knowing that some people who were there for you back in the day may not like it now. But that's what music is about," she expressed. "So to have country music still appreciate it is important to me, because I love country music so much."

See more from the CMA Awards in the video below. 


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