Why Rachel Brosnahan Says She Turns Down 'Many' Roles in Hollywood (Exclusive)

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Rachel Brosnahan is about taking a step forward when it comes to the portrayal of women characters in movies and TV -- not a step back.

ET's Katie Krause recently spoke with the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel star at an event celebrating the American Express Cash Magnet Card in New York City, where she revealed that she has a set of standards when it comes to choosing her next role. 

"Absolutely [I've turned down parts]. Many, many times," she revealed. "Because I think we're still seeing a lot of fairly one-dimensional women in scripts out there." 

"I do hope that that's changing, I've certainly seen many more incredible roles, incredible three-dimensional roles, complicated, flawed, women," she continued. "I've been fortunate enough to play some of them, but I have definitely said no to roles because the woman was an accessory, hyper-sexualized or that awful phrase that gets used a lot of 'she's beautiful but she doesn't know it' -- that's a big turn off for me."

Brosnahan wouldn't divulge which roles she had turned down -- "Not today," she joked -- but she wasn't shy about sharing the leading ladies she hopes to hang out with! 

"Viola Davis, Frances McDormand, Issa Rae, Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson!" she said of who she wants at her next dinner party. "I've met a few."

"I hope they would come to my party," she added. "I have to choose more! There's so many more, [like] Sarah Paulson!" 

For now, however, Brosnahan is focused on the upcoming second season of Mrs. Maisel. See what she told ET about the show in the video below. 


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