Why Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Decided to Be So Open About Their Coronavirus Diagnosis

The couple announced they tested positive for the virus earlier this week.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson felt it was important to publicly share their coronavirus diagnosis. A source tells ET that the longtime couple decided to announce that they tested positive for the virus because "they felt it was the right thing to do."

"They felt it was their social duty to let the public know this disease is spreading," the source says of the couple, who shared the news earlier this week. "They'd been in contact with co-workers, friends and fans, that announcing they had the virus was their way of making sure those who had been in contact with them would know to get tested."

Additionally, Tom and Rita, who are currently in isolation in Australia, "felt it was incredibly important to be open and honest they tested positive so people know this virus doesn't discriminate."

"They discussed how difficult it has been for people to grasp the severity of how widespread it has become, but they wanted people to know that anyone can get this virus, and it's important for everyone to take precautions," the source explains.

While Tom and Rita hoped others would take steps to protect themselves following their announcement, they've been equally cautious themselves, as they've remained in Australia and have not accepted any visitors.

"When Tom and Rita first got the news they of course wanted to come home, but knew they had to stay in Australia," the source says. "Of course their sons immediately wanted to go Australia, but there's no point because they were told absolutely no visitors are permitted."

Despite the "constant contact" with their family, the source says that "sitting tight has been very difficult" for everyone impacted by the couple's diagnosis.

"Tom and Rita's family is freaked out despite their very calm posts," the source says, referring to social media posts from their sons, Chet and Colin Hanks. "This has been far from easy. The family can’t believe this has happened. They are worried for Tom and Rita and have stayed in constant contact getting updates every hour."

In his post following the news, Chet said that his parents aren't "even that sick." 

"They're not worried about it, they're not tripping, but they're going through the necessary health precautions, obviously," he said. "But I don't think it's anything to be too worried about."

Meanwhile, Colin said that Tom and Rita are "receiving excellent care in Australia and are doing well (and in good spirits) given the circumstances."

The couple shared a health update on Thursday, revealing that they are "taking it one-day-at-a-time" as they receive "such good care."

While in isolation, Rita has been keeping herself occupied on Twitter by sharing jokes and creating a "Quarantunes" playlist.

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