'Why Women Kill': Is This Open Marriage Falling Apart? Watch the Love Triangle Get Awkward! (Exclusive)

ET exclusively debuts a first look from Thursday's episode.

Things just got a little more awkward on Why Women Kill.

On Thursday's episode of CBS All Access' original series from Desperate Housewives' Marc Cherry, the modern-day love triangle between married couple Taylor (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) and Eli (Reid Scott), and Taylor's lesbian lover, Jade (Alexandra Daddario), heats up even more -- and as you can imagine, matters of the heart never end pretty. 

In ET's exclusive three-minute sneak peek, Taylor returns home only to find her husband, Eli, playing around with a newly-purchased electric bass instead of, you know, trying to sell a screenplay. (It's been roughly two years since Eli has provided any substantial income, a sticking point that later comes to a head in the episode.)

Annoyed by his lack of productivity, Taylor passive-aggressively confronts him about his shiny new toy, purchased so he can allegedly strum through his writer's block, and overall ineffectiveness. But, of course, he offers no justifiable answers to his big, new purchase.

When she bumps into Jade in the kitchen, Taylor is clearly much more at ease, trying out her lover's freshly made soup and complaining about her husband's wasted day. "If I ask Eli, 'Did you get any writing done,' what he hears is, 'Nag nag nag, nag nag.' I'm just going to say nothing, be supportive," Taylor confides in Jade, before showing her a terrifyingly fake supportive smile. 

To get Taylor out of her Eli funk, Jade suggests a night out -- just the two of them. "After dinner, let's go dancing. There's this new club in Silver Lake I've been dying to check out," Jade says, trying to persuade Taylor to say yes. "You've been so stressed. I can't remember the last time we went dancing together..."

"I can use some alone time, just you and me," Taylor answers suggestively, but Eli, who enters the kitchen at this time, puts a wrench in Taylor and Jade's plans. "So you guys are going clubbing, huh?" he asks, after Jade confirms their plans for him, but doesn't so much as invite him to their ladies' night. Eli, unfortunately, doesn't get the hint: "All right, I'm in!" Awkward! Watch ET's exclusive sneak peek above.

Earlier this month, Howell-Baptiste and Scott spoke candidly about playing a couple in an open marriage, which was loosely inspired by real people from Cherry's life who were in polyamorous relationships, and the unique challenges their characters face as a result.

"It's very interesting to play this character," Howell-Baptiste said of Taylor during CBS All Access' Television Critics Association summer press tour in August. "What is wonderful about Taylor and Eli's relationship is that sometimes when you're in a traditional marriage, there's always the allure of the grass is always greener and 'What's outside?' And I think, in the other eras, they have much more -- at least seemingly much more -- traditional relationships. What is wonderful about this relationship is exploring if you do open your relationship up to another person, what kind of issues does that create? Does that help a marriage? Fundamentally, marriage is hard and however you go about it, this is us saying there's more than one way to do something -- but each way you do it takes a lot of work." 

"There was such delicious stuff to play with, not only with the throuple, but how far [Marc] wanted us to dig down on each of the characters through their backstory -- what's going to be coming, reaching back into their past that rears its ugly head because of this inciting incident that we see in the pilot," Scott added.

New episodes of Why Women Kill will be available to stream Thursdays at 12 a.m. PT/3 a.m. ET on CBS All Access.

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