Will Forte Reveals He Welcomed Baby Daughter With Fiancee Olivia Modling

Will Forte
Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage

The 'Saturday Night Live' alum and his ladylove are new parents!

Will Forte and his fiancee, Olivia Modling, are new parents! The Last Man on Earth star revealed that he and his ladylove welcomed a baby girl on Feb. 15, during an appearance on Monday's Conan.

"I just had a baby," Forte told host Conan O'Brien, before clarifying, "Well, my fiancée Olivia just had a baby."

"We love her!" the new dad exclaimed, revealing that their newborn is named Zoe Douglas Forte, and adding, "She was delivered by a doctor named Dr. Rad!"

Forte, 50, opened up about his experiences as a first-time parent, and explained how he and his fiancee were inundated with gifts after welcoming their little one.

"By far the best gift that I got -- you know, I'm a 50-year-old father, which is pretty old for fathers -- but Olivia had this made for me," Forte said, as he held up a hoodie with the words "Dad or Grandpa" written across it.

The actor also explained how he's been compelled to save everything related to his little girl out of a sense of sentimentality -- including her first dirty diaper from the hospital.

"My fiancé's like, 'You're super gross, there's no way we're saving the diaper,'" Forte explained, before holding up a sealed medical specimen bag, and explaining that he ultimately did keep it, incase his daughter "becomes the first president of Mars" and they want it for her museum.

Forte and Modling's engagement was revealed in April 2020 by the actor's dad during an episode of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, on which Forte competed as a celeb contestant.

During the April 8 premiere episode Forte invited his father, "Reb" Forte, to be his expert, and his inadvertently addressed his son's engagement while bantering with host Jimmy Kimmel.

"My full name is Orville Willis Forte III," Reb explained. "He’s Orville Willis Forte IV. He's currently engaged, and says if he has a boy, they've both agreed, it’s a possibility it would be Orville Willis Forte V. Not a decision, but a possibility."

"We're thinking about it," Forte chimed in.

According to People, Forte and Modling got engaged over the holidays in 2019. They started dating after meeting at a party three years ago.

Congrats to the happy couple!