'Will & Grace' Series Finale: Where the Four Friends End Up in the Revival

After three seasons, the revival comes to an end. Find out how things leave off for Will, Grace, Karen and Jack.

Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you haven’t watched Thursday’s series finale of Will & Grace. Everyone else, you may proceed…

It's time to say goodbye to Will & Grace, again.

Almost three years after fans saw the return of Will Truman (Eric McCormack), Grace Adler (Debra Messing), Karen Walker (Megan Mullally) and Jack McFarland (Sean Hayes), the beloved NBC sitcom has come to its end for a second time. After doing away with its original 2006 ending (where Will and Grace drifted apart and reunite 20 years later), viewers got three more fun-filled, wacky and heartwarming seasons with the foursome.

After Will -- who is having a girl via surrogate -- and Grace -- pregnant with a boy -- find the perfect new home outside of the city, they begin packing up their longtime New York City apartment.

Twenty-one years and 11 seasons together, the four friends get a happy ending and almost everything they wanted. Here's where everyone leaves off after the series finale.

Jack McFarland

Chris Haston/NBC

Jack has been happily married to Estefan (Brian Jordan Alvarez) throughout the season and they only got closer as a couple. As Jack became a bar owner after saving Coco's this season, he still had one dream: to be on Broadway.

While at Will and Grace's apartment, Estefan rushes in to tell Jack that he is four people away from performing on a Broadway stage, after one of many understudies is unavailable that night.

"It's SO close. My dream of taking a bow on a Broadway stage is only a car accident, a death in the family and a respiratory infection away from coming true!" Jack shouts with joy.

It only takes a couple of hours for Jack to get a call that the fourth understudy has the measles and he will be appearing onstage that night.

"Break a leg," Grace sweetly tells Jack, who replies, "Aw, break some water...Broadway, here I come!"

After all this time -- and with Will, Grace and Estefan by his side -- Jack finally gets to take his bow on the Great White Way. And you better believe he did it in the most "Jack" way ever!

Karen Walker

Chris Haston/NBC

All season, Karen grappled with her divorce from Stanley Walker and deep down knew that she still had feelings for him. While she tried to fill her void with other men, it was clear that there was only one person who had her heart. While with her pals, Karen gets an email from Stan to meet her where they had their first date, at the top of the Statue of Liberty. Karen, however, is hesitant to see her ex.

"Like Wilma here," Karen says, referring to Will. "I'm moving forward, not backward."

Jack, Will and Grace then accompany Karen to meet Stan, only to be surprised by Lorraine Finster (Minnie Driver), who is driving their taxi. After a couple of hilarious and raunchy back-and-forths, Karen's ex-stepdaughter tells her that she knows she's always been in love with Stan. Once at the top of Lady Liberty, Stan is nowhere in sight but Karen decides to stay a little longer after Jack gets a call about being on Broadway that night -- hence why she didn't make it to his performance.

Almost ready to give up and head home, Stan's helicopter makes its way to the Statue of Liberty. "I guess it ain't over until the fat man choppers in over restricted airspace," Karen quips, as a ladder is ejected from the helicopter.

"Wait a minute, am I really going to climb a ladder into that helicopter and then another one into your arms and that's it? We just go back to the way things were? You've done terrible things. I've done terrible things. There are bad people on both sides. Starting over is not going to be that easy, you know," Karen yells, as a Tiffany's box is lowered. "Oh, you think you can buy me back with some trinket I can buy myself?!"

As she opens the box, she reads the message inside that says, "Let's start over. Marry me again" -- and climbs the ladder to go off with Stan.

Will Truman

Chris Haston/NBC

The final season saw Will decide to have his own baby via surrogate. He hired Jenny (Demi Lovato) to carry his child after he and his ex, McCoy Whitman (Matt Bomer), broke up and McCoy moved to London. In the final episode, Will finds out that McCoy is back in New York and, naturally, gets upset that he hasn't reached out to him now that he's returned to the city.

After Grace sees McCoy at a Broadway show, she tells Will to go after him. "He didn't call me, why should I chase him?" Will shouts.

"Why?" Grace asks. "Because in 20 years, I don't want to be the person who has to hear you say, 'I should've gone after him.'"

As for Will, he heads back home after not finding McCoy, but to his surprise, he sees him at his door waiting for him. McCoy then tells Will that getting married and having a baby was too much too soon, apologizes and wants a second chance.

"I made a commitment to Grace. We are raising our babies together," Will tells McCoy, who says none of that has to change. "Will, the gay guy gets to have his Prince Charming too."

"A happily-ever-after would be nice," Will replies with a smile, before entering his apartment and seeing Grace.

"So?" she asks her friend, to which he replies: "We'll see. It doesn't change anything."

"I'm happy for you, just like you'll be happy when it happens to me," Grace says. While Will's future with McCoy is up in the air, things may be back on for the two.

Grace Adler

Chris Haston/NBC

Grace is having a baby, and doesn't care who the father is. Viewers have been following Grace's pregnancy journey throughout the season and it's almost time to welcome her little boy. Things didn't work out with her almost-beau James Wise (Matt Letscher), but that didn't discourage her from one day finding true love.

The finale begins with Grace thinking she's in labor and Will quickly grabbing their hospital bag, only to return home after it was a false alarm. The doctor suggests that Grace walk and do some exercise to help induce labor and signs up to go with the gang to the Statue of Liberty with Karen. Supporting her friends throughout the finale, Grace gets home to her and Will's almost-empty apartment and reflects on their time in the space.

"Wow, we lived a whole life here," Will reflects.

"Wait, you said no reminiscing," Grace adds, with Will saying, "Maybe just a little bit."

"Everything is going to be so different," Grace marvels. "A whole new life. A new house, kids. We've always just been Will and Grace."

"It's OK," Will says, with Grace asking, "What do you mean?"

"Maybe we've been Will and Grace long enough," he tells her. All the while, Jack and Karen are outside the apartment joking about how mopey their two pals are. They enter the apartment and as they get ready to go to Jack's Broadway after-party, Grace starts going into labor.

"You're ready for this?" Will asks as Jack and Karen grab the elevator.

"One hundred percent no," a scared Grace says, with Will telling her, "You're gonna be great. We are going to be great," as they head to the hospital

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