Will Hot Luger Chris Mazdzer Be Shirtless in His First 'DWTS' Performance? (Exclusive)

His partner, Witney Carson, told ET that she's 'definitely going to play up' certain strengths.

Days before Dancing With the Stars returns with its all-athletes season, America already has their eye on one competitor: Chris Mazdzer. 

The 29-year-old Olympian has a silver medal to his name, but he's won fans over for another reason -- they can't get enough of the "hot luger." 

"I was not expecting that question," Mazdzer nervously replied when ET asked if he's ready for his new heartthrob status at rehearsals with his partner, Witney Carson, last week. "I'm just gonna go out there, I'm gonna be me. We're gonna have a lot of fun and that's all I'm doing." 

Carson, meanwhile, has other plans. "I'm definitely going to play up on that, for sure!" she revealed, joking that she's going to "rip off his shirt and put him in some tight clothes... just don't check your DMs!" 

With just four weeks of competition this season instead of the usual 10, there's not much time for Mazdzer to grow his confidence. "Yeah, we may or may not be [taking off his shirt] in the first dance," Carson teased. "You'll just have to watch." 

"I think because it's so short, we have to grab America's hearts and votes as soon as possible, so I think we're just kind of going all out," she explained. "[We used to] kind of plan things out until the very end, but I think now it's just going to be, 'OK, here we are!' We're just gonna go for it."

Mazdzer already has the vote of one special woman: his girlfriend, Mara... meaning he's not single. 

"I am off the market, America," he confessed. "You can still vote for me, and we're still gonna have a lot of fun." 

"You can still have posters of him in your bedroom," cracked Carson, before previewing their "special" first dance. "Our first dance is really fun. It's upbeat, and like I said, we're putting it all out there, so we'll have some tricks in there... lots of spins, a special surprise." 

"You'll just have to tune in and find out whats up," she added. 

"Bedazzle, a little bit of sequins, lots of rhinestones," Mazdzer shared. "Lots of hip movement." 

Dancing With the Stars returns Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. See more on the upcoming season in the video below. 


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