Will Smith Grants Real-Life Genie Wishes: Mila and Emma Stauffer React to 'Aladdin' Premiere (Exclusive)

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Will Smith is using his Genie power for good! 

Aladdinhas already grossed $267 million dollars worldwide since its release last week -- but Smith has been using his Genie magic long before the movie's big box office debut. 

ET's exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the movie shows the 50-year-old actor getting deep into character. 

"I just went all in on the Genie life," Smith says in the clip. 

"He took the Genie stuff pretty seriously," co-star Naomi Scott confirms. "He was always pretending he was in a lamp." 

Scott seemed to be involved in most of Smith's Genie wishes, as he hilariously tried to grant her "wish" for lunch time at 9 a.m. Off set, Smith continued his good will by making dreams come true for 4-year-old twins -- and social media stars -- Mila and Emma Stauffer at the Aladdin premiere. 

"He was a Genie, but he didn't look like a Genie because he didn't want anyone to see him because he's a real Genie. So some people are scared of him and some people are not so... he's pretending to be human," Emma told ET on Thursday of her red carpet encounter with the actor. 

Smith helped the twins meet Scott, who plays Princess Jasmine. "[She was] being like, a beautiful princess in the movie that had a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful pants blue and a blue shirt. Wow, that's amazing for a princess!" Emma recalled. 

"I liked her haircut," Mila added. 

The twins still can't get enough of the experience -- which now lives on their Instagram page, @kcstauffer. 

"[I loved] having him grant wishes. And having magic and food, that's amazing!" Emma exclaimed. 

Aladdin is in theaters now. See more on Smith in the video below. 


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