Will Smith Spotted Filming in Ecuador After Oscars Scandal

The actor was spotted blowing kisses to gathered fans.

Will Smith is back to work. More than five months after he slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars, the 53-year-old actor was spotted filming Disney+'s Welcome to Earth in Alausi, Ecuador. 

Wearing a baseball cap and a yellow shirt, Smith delighted locals when they spotted him filming on La Nariz del Diablo, a historic rail in the country.

In between shots for the second season of the National Geographic series, which Smith also narrates, the actor was seen blowing kisses to gathered fans.


In July, four months after the now-infamous Oscars slap, Smith broke his silence in a deeply personal video message. In the video, Smith apologized to Rock and the comedian's family, as well as his own family and friends. 

He also said that he had reached out to Rock, but "the message that came back" was that the comedian was not ready to talk and would reach out when he is. 

"Chris has no plans to reach out to Will," a source told ET shortly thereafter. The source also believes that the timing of the apology is more for Will's best interest. "He needs the public's forgiveness, not Chris'." 

The next month, a source told ET that Smith "is feeling much more confident and much more positive and less depressed" after posting his apology video.

"He was in very low spirits prior to making his public apology," the source said of Smith. "He feels less ashamed now and more comfortable being out and about in public again because he has and continues to do the work that needs to be done for himself, his wife, his family, his friends, his colleagues, his fans, The Academy, Chris and Chris' family."

The source added that Smith thinks it is important to "ingrain the idea that violence is never the answer and show the public that he was wrong and is regretful, but that all people make mistakes and that we are all human, despite the career you may have."



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