William Daniels Reunites With 'Boy Meets World' Co-Stars to Celebrate 96th Birthday

'Boy Meets World'
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Daniels reunited with his co-stars for the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo over the weekend.

We love to see it!

Over the weekend, William Daniels a.k.a. Mr. Feeny, reunited with his Boy Meets World co-stars to celebrate his 96th birthday. The group gathered for dinner Friday with Daniels' wife, Bonnie Bartlett, to mark the special occasion ahead of their appearances at the 2023 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo.

In photos shared by People, Daniels and Bartlett were joined by Will Friedle (Eric Matthews), Danielle Fishel (Topanga Lawrence), Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter), Trina McGee (Angela Moore) and Anthony Tyler Quinn (Jonathan Moore), who were all smiles as they posed for pics alongside everyone's favorite teacher. Noticeably absent, however, was the show's star, Ben Savage (Cory Matthews) -- who is currently running for Congress in California.

As fans of the ABC sitcom remember, Daniels starred as the wise teacher Mr. Feeny for the entirety of the show's seven-season run from 1993 to 2000, doling out words of wisdom and sage advice to Cory, his friends and family.

Photos from the convention were shared by fans on social media, with many getting the chance to snap pics with the Boy Meets World crew.

A busy weekend for the 96-year-old actor, Daniels kicked things off with a birthday cupcake, which she showed off in celebration of the big day.

"Time flies! Spend it with the ones you love ❤️," he captioned the pic, taken alongside his wife of 72 years.

ET spoke to Daniels and Barlett about one of the actor's most beloved and iconic roles in October, where the pair revealed that Daniels turned down the role of Mr. Feeny twice, before signing on to the sitcom.

"I said it was a funny name, Feeny," Daniels recalled. "I thought it was gonna make fun of teachers and I didn't like that whole idea."

Bartlett, who had a recurring role in the sitcom as Daniels' TV wife, said Jacobs assured Daniels that the teacher role would be "good" and "respectable," especially since Jacobs said the role was based on one of his past teachers.

"And yet, when you saw the script for the first time at the table reading [you] quit," Bartlett recalled. "He quit at the table reading!"

Bartlett explained that Daniels quit because he didn't think the script was "good enough." She added that Jacobs implored Daniels to give him that evening to re-write the script and tailor it so it's better suited for Williams.

Jacobs did, Williams stayed on, and the rest is history.

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