Wilmer Valderrama Talks 'NCIS' Success and Possible 'That '70s Show' Reunion (Exclusive)

Wilmer Valderrama
John Shearer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

the The 39-year-old actor couldn't help but praise the amazing team he works with on 'NCIS.'

Wilmer Valderrama has nothing but amazing things to say about his time on NCIS.

ET's Rachel Smith spoke with the 39-year-old actor in New York City on Wednesday, where he couldn't help but praise the amazing team he works with. NCIS is currently in its 17th season and is the second-longest running scripted, non-animated, prime time show in the U.S.

"It sinks in how unique of an opportunity it was for everybody and the cast on the show," Valderrama told ET when talking about the show's legacy. "I think it's the people. I think the people is what keeps the engine going. I think that audiences can see that something on set is working and that people like coming to work and they're still trying."

"And after 17 seasons to have a cast and a writers' room and a crew that's still, not only grateful to be on set, but excited to come to work, and still laugh all day long and have that energy," he continued. "From the top down."

"You talk about Mark Harmon, Mark is someone that leads with kindness and his energy is beautiful. We have quite a bromance going on, him and I. But from the top, down, I think it's the people. The fact that people still love coming to work," Valderrama noted.

Valderrama is lucky to have also had another great cast and crew on That '70s Show. He starred on the sitcom from 1998 to 2006 as the lovable foreign exchange student Fez. So would he ever consider getting the team back together and reprising his role? The answer: Yes!

"We have had a conversation about a That's '70s movie. And we have had a conversation about, 'Can this be real? Can it happen?' We’re up for it," he admitted. "There is nothing in the works right now, and I believe all of us are a little too busy right now to make it happen."

"Everybody is excited to hang out together again on set, that's one fact. I will probably have to relearn how to say my accent. I will probably have to relearn how to talk like a freak," he said with a laugh.

Meanwhile, the actor is gearing up to celebrate his 40th birthday in January, and is welcoming the new decade with open arms. 

"I've been waiting to be old for a very long time," he cracked. "I played 17 years old for eight years of my life. I was really ready to get old. I'm barely playing the parts that are my age right now…But I'm excited to embrace the gray hairs that are coming in."

He's also ready "for the next chapter" in his life, which includes his girlfriend.

"I gotta say that I am very happy in my life. In this very moment I feel like, it's so interesting, you work so far for so long and you feel like all of a sudden you're starting over again," he explained. "And in my career, specifically in my personal life, I am very happy where I am at. I think that I have grown up to be the man that I am meant to be. I am the most grounded that I've ever been. I'm the most excited and the most energetic about what's ahead of me. I'm ready for the next chapter."

When Valderrama isn't giving his all on set, or with his loved ones, he's giving back to his community and working with the United Service Organizations (USO). After an encounter with two servicemen about 19 years ago, who thanked him for making them laugh on That '70s Show, the actor felt touched and wanted to get involved with USO.

"I appreciate the individual that it takes," he expressed. "That it takes a uniform and wears it with so much pride and such effortless sacrifice. I think about their families and I think about that individual in the uniform."

"I've been so grateful to this country and I've been so grateful for the American dream," he shared. "Because of the American dream, I'm able to be everything I am today. And the only reason why I can do that today is because of these men and women who fight for freedom and for an American flag that when it waves hope is born. Anything can happen as long as you see that American flag still waving."

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