'Winter House' Newbies Julia and Gabby Get Into It... Over Grinding Incident With Luke (Exclusive)

Julia McGuire and Gabby Kniery face off on Winter House

The winter temperatures of Stowe, Vermont, might not be ready for the heat coming courtesy of the Winter House cast. ET has your exclusive first look at Wednesday's all-new episode, which finds newbies Julia McGuire and Gabby Kniery having a fiery face-off, après-ski-style. Julia pulls Gabby aside during a group outing to the mountains after hearing her friend is upset with her from housemate Ciara Miller.

"Ciara last night came to me and all of a sudden she was like, 'Gabby's pissed at you because you were dancing with Luke...'" Julia starts, referencing the night before when things got a little frisky (albeit still PG-rated) between the model and Summer House's Luke Gulbranson, whom Gabby has a crush on, a crush Julia is well aware of. 

"It wasn't just that," Gabby fires back. "You were like, 'Do you want me to talk to him? Do you want me to talk to him?' All of a sudden, you're, like, grinding on him."

"I thought maybe I would save it for when he's, like, building the igloo or something a little more intimate, to have a real conversation," Julia replies, referencing the very real igloo Luke is for some unknown reason building outside the group's rental chalet. "I'm not going to pull him aside when I'm f**ked up!"

"But that's not it, though," Gabby says, cutting Julia off. Her tension with Julia goes back deeper than just grinding on Luke; Gabby actually blames Julia for her last relationship's demise. 

"You're so mad at me for... dancing with a guy? I have a boyfriend," Julia reminds Gabby. 

"I don't think you understand it, though. Let the tables turn is what I'm trying to say," Gabby replies. Watch their exchange here:

"I'm not trying to be a b***h about it, like, obviously I care about our friendship but like, I just don't see it the way you see it," Julia tells her friend. 

"Julia can never be wrong," Gabby goes on to remark in a confessional. "Julia has an ego. Julia will never, ever see someone else's perspective." 

"I'm telling you how I felt and expressing that you hurt me," Gabby tells Julia, who isn't buying what Gabby's selling and responds with, "Well, you're not expressing. You actually went and told somebody else how you were feeling and they came to me."

"Do not turn that s**t," Gabby threatens. "Do not do that." 

"OK. Well, then nothing's getting accomplished," Julia scoffs back, as Gabby walks away. There's more Gabby drama to come,  it seems -- at least judging by the season trailer, in which Southern Charm star Craig Conover narrates, "Gabby's hell-bent on destroying this house." That sneak peek also features Gabby alleging Kyle Cooke -- who was then-engaged (now married) to housemate Amanda Batula -- was coming on to her. The revelation was news to Kyle and Amanda!

"To be honest, I'm eager to see how that played out, too, because I don't remember," Kyle confessed to ET in October. "And I don't necessarily blame the alcohol. I was just being me. I was being friendly. I'm flirty and I'm also kind of out there, and so maybe I gave her the wrong impressions. I wasn't aware of it, 'til I saw the teaser."

"Gabby and I had some really nice moments together, and she loves Kyle and I, so I'm quite interested to see what happened and if I am going to have to text her," Amanda added, saying she too had no clue about the flirting allegation.

To be fair, a good amount of flirting went down while filming Winter House because the majority of the cast was single. Kyle and Amanda were the only in-house couple, while Julia and Craig were the only other "taken" individuals. 

"The chemistry was there," Amanda teases of what fans will see when they tune into Winter House, every Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.


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