Woman Whose Home Was Destroyed in Anne Heche Car Crash Says She's 'Recovering' During 'Insane, Traumatic Time'

Los Angeles resident Lynne Mishele gives thanks and an update on her displaced pets as she navigates a path forward.

The woman whose Los Angeles rental home was tragically destroyed in the Anne Heche car crash last week is giving thanks. Lynne Mishele took to Instagram on Thursday to offer an update amid "the most insane, traumatic time," and touch base with those who have reached out to her in recent days. 

"I'm still recovering and trying to figure out up from down but I did want to send a huge, huge thank you to everybody from all over the world, for the overwhelming amount of love and compassion and generosity and kindness that people have shown over the past week," she said in the video, which was shared to her Creative Organization business account.

"It's obviously been the most insane, traumatic time, confusing ... eventually I'll try to get back to everybody and try to read everybody's comments," she continued. "Thank you everybody from the bottom of my heart. It's really, truly overwhelming. You guys really have impacted my life in a really profound way so thank you so much to everybody and I will keep you updated."

Mishele then moved the camera to highlight her two dogs, Bree and Rueban, who were unharmed in the crash, but noted that her pet tortoise has been displaced and is being cared for by a friend. 

"They wanna say thank you so much for cheering them on," she said of the pups. "My tortoise Marley says 'hi' from the valley."


Mishele lived in a 738-square-foot, two-story home, which the Los Angeles Fire Department said had structural compromise and a heavy fire after the crash. Per the LAFD, 59 firefighters took 65 minutes to access, confine and fully extinguish the stubborn flames within the heavily damaged structure.

Earlier this week, Mishele gave a statement through her lawyer, Shawn Holley. 

"Ms. Mishele is devastated by what happened to her on Friday -- not only because she and her pets almost lost their lives, but because all of her property, including items of profound sentimental value, were destroyed," Holley told ET on behalf of Mishele. "She asks for privacy at this incredibly difficult time."

Following the crash, Mishele's neighbors set up a GoFundMe to aid in the astronomical expenses she is likely to face following the loss of her home and belongings. As of Friday, $138,369 had been raised. 

"She either had limited or no renters insurance," neighbor David Manpearl told ET. "She’s lost everything. Every single thing she owns... She’s got no recourse except for long-term recourse -- things like perhaps auto insurance liability... That certainly wouldn’t come close to covering her damages. How can she stay in an expensive, beautiful neighborhood like this and expect to get the same rent she’s got when nobody can find places to stay?... Her life is gonna be changed for a long, long time."

Meanwhile, a rep for Heche has offered an update on the actress' condition. 

"Unfortunately, due to her accident, Anne suffered a severe anoxic brain injury and remains in a coma, in critical condition," the actress' rep said in a statement to ET on Thursday, on behalf of her family.

The rep added, "She is not expected to survive."

"It has long been her choice to donate her organs and she's being kept on life support to determine if any are viable," the statement explained.

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