World's Smallest Woman Jyoti Amge Talks Marriage and Dreams of Winning an Oscar (Exclusive)

ET spoke with Amge about her upcoming TLC special, which premieres July 9.

Jyoti Amge may be the world's smallest woman, but her dreams are larger than life. Fans will get to know more about the 26-year-old Indian actress, who stands at 24 inches tall and weighs just 12 pounds, in the new TLC special World's Smallest Woman: Meet Jyoti.

ET's Deidre Behar video chatted with Amge -- who's currently in Nagpur, India, with her family -- where she opened up about the project, as well as her thoughts on marriage and her dreams of winning an Oscar.

Amge gained stateside fame when starring as Ma Petite in American Horror Story: Freak Show. Her love of film and wanting to become an actress began when she started watching a lot of television and movies, and she dreamed that she might be able to act one day, Tushar, Amge's translator, told ET. When the AHS role came along, it opened her eyes to a whole new world.

Amge is ready to continue to act, but amid the coronavirus pandemic, many Hollywood productions are on hold. Amge is waiting for things to get better and "hoping for a few projects to start." Her ultimate goal is to be famous enough so "that everybody around the world knows her and she reaches the point of Oscars."


In the trailer of her TLC special, Amge admits to liking to flirt. While she said that most of the boys she talks to are "all friends, if they do seem to act like they're flirting a little bit, I don't mind playing along."

While she may not be interested in dating, she does love to spend time with her family and enjoys her freedom, adding that she wants to live her life her own way. And even if a special someone came her way, Amge would "make them a very close friend," not wanting anything beyond that.

"I prefer my freedom," she explained, adding that she doesn't think about marriage or having her own family.

As for her special, Amge says, "I’m very excited for the show to come out. I am happy that people are going to get to hear my story and learn more about me, and that makes me really happy and excited."

She also hopes that the most important thing that people take away from it is that, "however we are, whatever sort of hand we've been dealt, that we should not let it limit ourselves. Be happy and live our lives as much as we possibly can."

World's Smallest Woman: Meet Jyoti premieres Thursday, July 9 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.



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