WWE Star Alexa Bliss Reveals Skin Cancer Diagnosis, Shares Message to Her Younger Self

The pro wrestler took to social media to share the health news, as well as a message to her younger self.

Alexa Bliss is doing alright now after getting treated for basal cell carcinoma. The WWE star -- and newly revealed Masked Singer contestant -- took to social media on Tuesday to share the health journey update.

Bliss, 31, shared a photo of her face to her Instagram story, showing the side of her cheek, close to her ear, covered in bandages. Over the photo, Bliss penned a message to her younger self, which also served as good advice for anyone reading her post.

"Dear younger me, You should have stayed out of tanning beds," Bliss wrote, adding, "All clear now though! Thank you @americanskininstitute for taking great care of me."

Alexa Bliss/Instagram

Later, responding to a Twitter user who asked about what motivated her to seek medical advice in the first place, Bliss explained, "There was a spot on my face yes -- that had gotten worse. So went to get biopsy. Was basal cell carcinoma."

"During my procedure doc also found other squamous cells. Was a quick and easy procedure. Glad I always get my skin checked," Bliss added.

The posts about her skin cancer scare came just one day before Bliss was unmasked as The Axolotl on The Masked Singer.

The pro wrestler gave it her all on the Masked Singer stage for "Country Night," where she sang "Can't Fight the Moonlight" by Leann Rimes. Despite a valiant effort, The Axolotl still got voted off, and Bliss explained how she did the show to combat her own fears.

"This was something that was personal for me because I have actually crippling stage fright when it comes to singing," Bliss told the panelists -- including Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger. "I actually cried backstage before coming out here, 'cause I was just so nervous."

"But I am just so proud of myself, because I conquered my fear!" Bliss added gleefully. "I deal with anxiety, and this was something that I wanted to show, like, I can make myself proud, and if anyone else is ever having something where they're afraid to do something, [just] do something every day that scares you. Because I did this today, and it was so fun."

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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