Wyatt Russell Gushes About Fatherhood: 'It's Been Incredible' (Exclusive)

ET also spoke with the actor about stepping into the Captain America role after Chris Evans in 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.'

Wyatt Russell is enjoying every bit of being a new father.

Earlier this month, Russell and wife Meredith Hagner welcomed their first child together. The couple is now parents to a baby boy whom they named Buddy Prine Russell. The actor told ET's Nischelle Turner that he and his family are "very good."

"It's incredible," he says of fatherhood, while promoting The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. "It's everything you didn't know it was going to be. I think everything you hope it's gonna be is like a mish-mash in your mind before it really happens and then after it happens, whatever happened before is almost like [it never happened]."

"Biologically, I think it does something to your brain where you just erase half your life before you've lived there," he explains. "And now it's about him and your family and trying to balance everything, and time and new, amazing problems, amazing issues to have. [It] can't be better."

Russell and Hagner got married in November 2019 at his mother, Goldie Hawn's, home in Aspen, Colorado. Their little bundle of joy hit the jackpot with Hawn and longtime partner Kurt Russell as grandparents.

"Yes," he says of his parents being the best grandparents. When asked what the famous couple loves to be called, he notes, "Starting with my brother's or my sister's first child, they're Gogo and Gogi. My dad, his wine that he makes is called Gogi because his nickname in life was Gogi, and my mom's nickname in life was Gogo. So those are what the kids call 'em."

The new dad, meanwhile, made his debut as the new Captain America in the premiere episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

"It's fun to be the Marvel punching bag for a minute," Russell cracks. Assuming the new role, the actor stars as John Walker, a decorated Army vet and Medal of Honor winner chosen by the U.S. government to succeed Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) as Captain America.

Russell explains that he didn't hold back when taking over Evans' Captain America, expressing that "it's different," adding: "Obviously, I'm not trying to do what Chris Evans did."

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is now streaming on Disney+.