‘Yellowstone’ Star Josh Lucas Reacts to Matthew McConaughey Joining Franchise (Exclusive)

Lucas spoke to ET while at Los Angeles' Dolby Theater for 'Yellowstone's appearance at this year's Paleyfest.

Yellowstone star Josh Lucas says "bring it on" to news of Matthew McConaughey's now-confirmed franchise spinoff. The once-rumored series was confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter by Paramount executive Chris McCarthy last week. 

"I'm always so fascinated to see what Taylor [Sheridan] is doing as he tells the story," Lucas told ET's Will Marfuggi of the franchise's writer. "The thing that moves me or surprises me most is that every time I think something is too crazy or too fantastical, it turns out it's based on a true story from Taylor's life or from something that is very close to the cowboys that all of this story is about." 

McConaughey's extension series will continue regardless of whether star Kevin Costner returns or exits the flagship series. The update comes nearly two months after initial headlines suggested that Yellowstone could end sooner than expected amid a Deadline report alleging disagreements over Costner's filming schedule. Lucas plays a young version of Costner's character, John Dutton. 

"John Dutton is partly Taylor Sheridan, party Kevin Costner, so I've got these two powerful men who are icons in what they're doing now," Lucas said of his role. "It has the weight and the challenge of trying to fill the shoes of the great Kevin Costner and also Taylor's vision for who John Dutton is." 

Details of McConaughey's series, and any possible appearance from Lucas, remain unknown. "I'm sure he has great ideas for how these characters merge together," Lucas said of Sheridan's plans. "Part of it is the mystery of the mind of that creator...bring it on." 

Lucas spoke to ET while at Los Angeles' Dolby Theater for Yellowstone's appearance at this year's Paleyfest. He arrived alongside his girlfriend, Brianna Ruffalo. 

"Anything going out to the Dolby Theater is a big Saturday night date," Lucas said with a smile. "Absolutely." 

Yellowstone season 5 will return this summer on Paramount Network.