'Yellowstone's Luke Grimes & Kelsey Asbille Are 'Really Ready' to Film Season 5: 'It's About Time' (Exclusive)

The co-stars and on-screen couple spoke with ET at the 2022 ACM Awards in Las Vegas on Monday.

Luke Grimes and Kelsey Asbille are more than ready to get back in the saddle and start shooting the fifth season of their celebrated series Yellowstone.

The co-stars -- who play married couple Kayce Dutton and Monica Long Dutton on the hit modern Western series -  walked the red carpet the 2022 ACM Awards at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Monday, and they spoke with ET's Cassie DiLaura about kicking off production on the hotly anticipated new season.

According to Asbille, they haven't yet gotten any scripts yet, "But we're really ready. It’s about time."

"Yeah, we haven’t shot, I think, in like 18 months now," Grimes shared. "So I really miss everyone. It's good to see her tonight, but we miss our crew and our little TV family, you know?"

One big development for their characters is Monica's second pregnancy, revealed during the fourth season. Asbille said she's excited to wear a fake baby bump, and is looking forward to her character welcoming the couple's second child.

"I’m ready to have a sweet little baby on set," she added with a laugh.

"Yeah, but who knows? We might die tomorrow," Grimes said of their characters. "It's kind of the Yellowstone [trademark]."

Yellowstone's season 4 finale saw Kayce undergoing a tribal initiation ritual that required him to brave the elements alone, without food or water or any help. He endures some fairly intense hallucinations, including one that he claimed showed him that his marriage to Monica may be destined to fail.

"I hope that they’ll be happy in the end, but it’s not likely, to be honest," Asbille said.

"We never know what’s next, you know?" Grimes explained. "We're sorta on the ride with everybody else. We kinda get [the scripts] as they come and we're always super excited to see what’s happening next."

"We honestly have no idea what’s coming up," he added.

For more on the thrilling fourth season of the hit series, check out the video below. Fans can also catch up on the entire series, which is available to stream on Paramount+.