'Yellowstone': Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly React to Rip and Beth’s Season 4 Finale Surprise (Exclusive)

The stars opened up to ET about the shocking milestone moment between their characters.

*Caution: Spoilers for the Yellowstone season 4 finale below!

After a tumultuous whirlwind romance, wedding bells are chiming in the Yellowstone season 4 finale. Rip (Cole Hauser) and Beth (Kelly Reilly) tied the knot in expectedly unexpected fashion, and the stars opened up to ET's Cassie DiLaura about the surprising milestone in their characters' relationship.

"I mean the way it went down was pretty wild," Hauser reflected on the big event. "Her storming in and her gold dress, her dad [Kevin Costner as John Dutton] and I looking at her and going, 'What in the hell is she up to now?' Then she has a priest that she's kidnapped. It's pretty wild!"

In Sunday's super-sized finale, Beth has a lot of plotting and planning going on, and she wants to get something very important out of the way first -- making her relationship to Rip a solid commitment.

So, she shows up in a revealing gold dress (which she wore to sneak into a prison's conjugal visit trailer and threaten information out of an inmate, it's a whole thing) and a priest no one's ever met, and declares that today is the day.

"Even as an actor we're sitting there and we're trying to put all the things together and connect all the dots and you're like, 'This is f**king crazy,' you know what I mean?" Hauser said of the big scene. "[But] it all comes together and there's actually this beautiful moment there. I thought it was pretty touching in the end."

While the ceremony is certainly unorthodox, Beth still gets her dad to walk her down the aisle, and Rip surprises her to the point of tears by presenting her with his late mother's wedding ring, which she hadn't been expecting at all.

"I love their wedding, and it's just so typical Beth," Reilly reflected. "She's just not interested in having a wedding party or a wedding dress or any of that. All she cares about is being his wife and she knows that... I kind of find her slightly heroic in a really messed up way."

The genuinely romantic event is capped off when the priest tells Beth's father that he "won't press charges." When John asks what he means, the priest explains that Beth kidnapped him at gun point to perform the ceremony, and she explains that she just threatened him with "a little pistol."

Reilly said the whole wedding was "hilarious and poetic at the same time."

"It's just perfect. "It's the perfect wedding," she added. "When I read that, it made me laugh because I knew we were gonna get married this season, but I didn't know how."

As it turns out, the wedding was the perfect blend of humor and romance, and was a nice respite from the intense drama that was still to come from the finale.

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