'You' Renewed For Season Three on Netflix

Penn Badgley

Netflix's You has officially been renewed.

On Tuesday, the show's official Twitter account confirmed that there will be a third season of the hugely popular thriller starring Penn Badgley as stalker/serial killer Joe Goldberg. The black-and-white video flashes the words, "New year. New you. You S3."

The video's caption also references the teasy ending of season two, reading, "See you soon, neighbor. YOU S3 is coming."

In a press release, Netflix confirmed that both Badgley and season two star Victoria Pedretti will return for the 10-episode season, which will premiere in 2021. Co-creators Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti are also returning as executive producers.

ET spoke to 33-year-old Badgley about the shocking ending of season two, when his latest obsession, Love (Pedretti), definitely didn't turn out to be who he thought she was.

"She is theoretically a perfect match, because she wants to see somebody the way Joe wants to be seen, and vice versa," Badgley told ET of Joe and Love. "They both want to be seen... actually, you understand more and more, she has a mania there too. That once you understand why Love is the way she is, and who she actually is, you realize that there is no perfect match for Joe. 'Cause actually, he's found her, but that's the thing... we are too accustomed to being like, if she didn't find the box, they'd be together. Like, no! ... People like Joe cannot receive what they want because they want something impossible. I feel like when we see what Joe, what Love's character is, then it's like, oh yeah, of course. Did he find his soulmate? And he turned her into a villain in a split second."

As for what Badgley would like for his character to have in the future, he said that it involves happiness.

"I think he deserves something better now, you know?" he mused. "Like I'm not sure that that's possible. What does Joe need? Joe needs, ugh, Joe needs justice, but what does that mean? Does that mean prison? Does that mean death? I don't know."

ET also spoke to 24-year-old Pedretti about where the characters can go after the shocking ending of season 2.

"I would be really worried for... I mean, I am and continue to be worried for anyone who chooses to be around Joe and also Love," she said.

For more with Badgley on You season 2's bombshells, watch the video below:


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