'You' Star Elizabeth Lail Marries Nieku Manshadi

The 'You' actress, who got engaged over the pandemic, wed Manshadi last month in New York.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Lail and Nieku Manshadi, who tied the knot late last month! Lail, who played Beck on the hit Netflix thriller, You, got engaged to Manshadi during the pandemic. Lail told Brides magazine that what started out as a weekend away to Montauk, New York, turned into a fireside proposal.

"We were at our own little bonfire during sunset on the beach making s’mores when Nieku proposed with my grandmother’s wedding ring," she recalled.

While both their engagement and wedding have taken place over the year-plus-long pandemic, Lail assured that her and Manshadi took all the COVID-19 precautions possible, limiting the affair to just 22 guests. They kept it local as well, holding the wedding in New York at a romantic retreat where they spent their first anniversary.

"We planned everything with COVID in mind! I think we could have easily invited 200 people had it been another time," Lail admitted. "We decided not to wait, and just invite family to keep it safe for everyone.  We were also the only guests on property, which gave us peace of mind to be in our own little bubble."

Most of the wedding planning was done by family and friends, with Lail's father acting as the wedding videographer for the big day.

Photo by Forged in The North

Lail shared that the hardest part of planning and having a wedding during the pandemic was not being able to have all of their friends and family attend.

"Not being able to have all of our friends and family attend due to COVID," she said. "There were many moments where we weren’t sure the wedding would happen at all. We knew at any moment we may have to postpone. It was such a relief to us when almost our entire party was vaccinated in time for the wedding."

Despite the size, the intimate affair reflected Lail and Manshadi and the merging of their two families for the first time.

"Our wedding was so small and intimate we couldn't help but have every aspect reflect a part of us... It was primarily our two families coming together for the first time. We laughed and cried the whole way through," the bride said, reflecting on the special day.



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