YouTube Star Marcus Johns and Wife Kristin Speak Out From Hospital After Hit-and-Run Accident

Kristin Marcus Johns
Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images for Scale Management

Marcus Johns and his wife, Kristin, got quite a scare.

The YouTuber took to Instagram on Tuesday to break his silence after he and his wife got hit by a car while they were on their bicycles. In a video from his hospital bed, fresh out of surgery, Marcus shared that he and Kristin will be able to walk normal in about four months. He also shared that the car that hit them was part of a burglary and was trying to run from the cops. He believes the car hit them on purpose to distract the police.

In a lengthy post, Marcus wrote that he and his wife are OK, as well as detailing his account on the accident.

"This is what we think has happened: We were on the far side of the road with other bikers and pedestrians. It is a residential neighborhood with multiple stop signs and speed bumps back to back over a short distance," he began. "I look down the road and heard an engine revving all the way up and it seemed like in the moment the guy was trying to hit us on purpose."

They tried to swerve out of the way, but the car then hit them. Marcus blacked out while his wife stayed fully conscious.

"Kristin said we flew about 50 feet from the impact. When I woke up and was trying to explain what happened, and I didn’t think people would believe me that I was convinced he was trying to actually kill us," he explained. "But now it all makes sense if the robbery and police pursuit is officially confirmed. Anyways, scary stuff."

He concluded by thanking everyone for their support and that they are glad to be safe.

Kristin also posted her own emotional video from her hospital bed. Crying, she shared that her femur is broken, while Marcus' leg is also broken.

"We both had surgery this morning. I am thankful to have you guys who I know love us & have faith so please just lift us up & praise Jesus for saving us. I am thankful that we are alive," she wrote.

On Wednesday, Kristin had her first physical therapy session, which she said on her Instagram Story didn't go as planned. She told her followers that it will take a while for her to be able to stand and is in so much pain, but is just thankful that she is OK.

Marcus also took to IG Story to share a brief update and once again thanked his fans for their prayers.

"Everyone just keep praying because it's making a huge, huge difference," he said. "The day two pain is really settled in…Thank you guys for all the support. Please pray for us."


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