Yung Gravy Defends Addison Rae's Mom Sheri Esterling After Their PDA-Filled VMAs Appearance

The rapper and the social media influencer made their red carpet debut on Sunday.

Yung Gravy is coming to the defense of his VMAs date: Addison Rae’s mom, Sheri Easterling.  

After the “Betty” rapper and Easterling’s date night at the award ceremony, the internet had things to say about their PDA-filled trip down the red carpet.  

In response, the 26-year-old took to Twitter to defend Easterling from the haters. After the Twitter account What’s Trending wrote, “We would not want to be  @AddisonRae today as she’s trending alongside her mom @sherinicolee. Sheri is causing quite the internet stir after attending the @vmasas @yunggravy's date and showing lots of PDA on the red carpet. (:@MTV).” 

The "Mr. Clean" rapper replied to the tweet, “She’s newly single and living her life. Leave her alone.” 

Gravy and Easterling chatted with ET’s Rachel Smith ahead of the ceremony on Sunday. Smith’s conversation started with the rapper, who sings about his desire to date older women in his song “Martha Stewart.”  

"They're more experienced. They are an underserviced community, I'd like to say, and they deserve more attention, so I thought that'd be the one,” he said. “And I've noticed that people really have started giving MILFs more attention since my music dropped,"

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Yung Gravy confirmed that his plus-one for the evening was Easterling, who then joined ET's interview. "MILFs, you know, deserve more attention," he continued, bringing Easterling in. "I thought it was perfect timing." 

He revealed that he asked Easterling to be his date "the moment that I knew I was coming to the VMAs." 

Easterling shared that she liked the young rapper because "he's very wholesome."

"Believe it or not I am a wholesome person," Yung Gravy assured. "I am wholesome, yeah, yeah, yeah." 

Following Gravy and Easterling’s night out on the town, Esterling’s ex, Monty Lopez, shared a shirtless mirror selfie directed at the rapper, who he called out earlier this year.  

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"Thank you @younggravy for taking the leftovers," Lopez wrote on his Instagram Story. "I would rather spend time with my daughter and 2 grandkids that SheriNicole [sic] made me abandon as a child inorder [sic] to be with her! Never let a woman make you choose between her and or [sic] your blood child!" he further accused. 

Amid the drama between her parents, Addison is doing her best to stay out of it. A source told ET that the 21-year-old TikTok star is “embarrassed” by their actions.  

"Addison is embarrassed by her parents at this point and trying to keep her distance from them. She's trying to stay grounded and focused on the projects she's working on," the source shared. "She doesn't want them to impact her future."