Zara Larsson Addresses Twitter Drama: 'You Shouldn't Be Scared of Voicing Your Opinion' (Exclusive)

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For Zara Larsson, Twitter is an avenue for self-expression, where she can convey her thoughts and emotions regarding politics, her feminist values and her sense of humor.

Scrolling through her multitude of opinionated missives, the Swedish singer's Twitter account is replete with coruscating pearls of wisdom and a healthy dose of caustic wit, both of which have gotten her in hot water in the past. However, inadvertently courting controversy hasn't diminished her love for speaking her mind.

"I feel like you shouldn't be scared of voicing your opinion, [or] scared of being wrong, I am really not scared of that," Larsson recently told ET's Denny Directo. "So, if someone tries to correct me, or if I say something ignorant, [I'm like], 'Thanks for letting me know.'"

Larsson opened up about her prolific Twitter presence when ET visited the set of the music video for her song, "Invisible," from the soundtrack for the upcoming Netflix original Christmas movie Klaus, and admitted that, while she's not scared of speaking out, she also second-guesses herself "all the time."

"Literally every time I send a tweet I'm like, 'I should just delete my whole app.' I'm such an anxious person as well." Larsson shared. "It comes after an hour, but I am trying to work on it."

One tweet that seemed to blow up in a bad way came when she weighed in on the James Charles-Tati Westbrook drama back in May. As Charles was facing an onslaught of accusations, Larsson tweeted that he'd been flirting with her boyfriend over Instagram and called him out for his behavior.

After getting slammed by Charles, and many people who felt that the blogger was being unfairly attacked and publicly shamed, Larsson issued a mea culpa and a personal apology.

"That was definitely a lesson learned," Larsson told ET. "I never thought that would blow up as hard as it did, and I felt really bad that I contributed to a spiral of negativity." 

It's not really what I pictured it and it's a reminder that stuff you put out has an impact as well," she added. "So, you know, I am just trying to think twice about it."

Larsson shared that she's also trying her hardest to "not get involved in drama, even though I am so nosey!"

"I am very outspoken and I have no filter when it comes to, 'Is this necessary to tweet about or not?' But at the end of the day, I am happy being someone with a loud voice," she said. "I am so happy I have people following me, and they can talk to me and we can have a conversation and discussion."

One thing that she had a lot of conversations about was her recent collaboration with BTS on the tune "A Brand New Day," that set the internet on fire.

"It's honestly so huge and the magnitude of their impact and influence is insane, online and just everywhere in the music industry, it's just incredible," Larsson said of the megahit K-pop group. "For me to be a part of that was so honoring."

Larsson admitted that, despite working together on the track, she hasn't actually gotten a chance to meet BTS in person. Her elements on the track were shared digitally, but that doesn't mean it wasn't near and dear to her heart. "We really wanted to make it perfect," Larsson said. "I felt like we really made a super good song."

Fans can hear Larsson's new track, "Invisible," when it drops Nov. 8. The song is also featured on the soundtrack for Netflix's animated Christmas comedy, Klaus, which premieres Nov. 15.


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