Zooey Deschanel Reveals What 'New Girl' Writers Said About Chemistry With Jake Johnson

The actress starred on the show for seven seasons.

Zooey Deschanel is spilling one of the biggest secrets from New Girl.  

During episode 2 of the Welcome to Our Show podcast, hosted by Deschanel and her New Girl co-stars, Lamorne Morris and Hannah Simone, the actress revealed what the show’s writers thought about her and Jake Johnson -- who played her on-screen love interest, Nick Miller -- at the start of the series. 

When asked by Morris (who played Winston Bishop), if it was true that the writers felt that she and Johnson had too much chemistry at the start of show and wanted to keep them apart, Deschanel confirmed, sharing, "I remember them saying that. They were like, 'Listen, you guys have such great chemistry. This is a series. We have to play this out over time, and we don't want to put you guys in the same storylines together.'"

"I was like, 'Isn't that a good thing?' I think we all had good chemistry together from the get-go, in different ways," she added. "They did say they wanted to play out that storyline, that our chemistry was really good." 

Deschanel and Johnson played lead characters Jessica Day and Nick Miller, whose romance blossomed over the course of seven seasons, before ending in their marriage. Deschanel, Morris and Simone’s Welcome to Our Show podcast centers around the trio as they rewatch the series and spill secrets and details about the show.  

In January, the 500 Days of Summer actress surprised her fans with an announcement about the podcast. “Surprise! 🥳 @therealhannahsimone, @lamorne and I are bringing you a New Girl Recap podcast,” she wrote. “Mostly to share the official rules of 'True American.' We'll be releasing new episodes every Monday starting January 24th. Link in bio for the full “Welcome to Our Show” trailer wherever you get your podcasts 💛.”  



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