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This week’s ship: Choni, aka Riverdale's very own Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) and Toni Topaz (Vanessa Morgan). The Bombshell and the Serpent may have seemed an unlikely pairing at first, but as the CW drama's second season unfolded, it became clear that they had more in common than it seemed -- including a growing understanding and affection for each other.

"I think they're really real. I think they bring out the best versions of each other," Morgan recently told Leanne Aguilera of the couple's connection. "They're both these strong, confident girls, and they both lets their walls down with each other and allow each other to be vulnerable. I think there's something so beautiful in that."

Here's a look at just a few of the reasons Choni makes such a "Shipworthy" pair:

1. Toni saw through Cheryl's "Bombshell" bluster right from the start.

Cheryl came hard with her patented snark from the pair's very first encounter -- "Not today, Cha Cha!" -- but Toni wasn't buying it. 

“Why don’t you tell me what’s bothering you, because clearly you’re in a lot of pain,” she offered when she walked in on Cheryl in full sabotage mode in the Riverdale High bathroom. The offer wasn't well received, but it broke the ice for Choni's developing bond.


2. They had an adorable, impromptu movie date...

When both girls found themselves flying solo to a screening of Love, Simon, Toni offered another olive branch.


3. ... that turned into a heartfelt moment of acceptance.

After the movie, Cheryl opened up to Toni about just why Simon's onscreen coming out had affected her so deeply, telling the story of how her mother "destroyed" her first love with a girl named Heather.

"You have to know that your mother's wrong," Toni assured her. "You're not loveless. You're not deviant, OK? You're sensational."


4. Toni continued to support Cheryl, despite disapproval from her "nightmare" of a mother.

The pair's sympathetic bond didn't end over milkshakes at Pop's. Toni also stayed by Cheryl's side for "emotional support" during the reading of her father's will, regardless of the disdainful looks from Penelope Blossom.


5. Their almost-first kiss left us all wanting more.

Fearing her Uncle Claudius' ominous intentions, Cheryl invited the Riverdale High ladies to Thistlehouse for a sleepover, but later confessed that Toni was the only one she really wanted to spend the night with. Unfortunately, their moment was interrupted by Nana Rose taking a tumble down the stairs -- perhaps pushed by some of the more sinister members of the Blossom family -- because we just can't have nice things.


6. However, their real first kiss was pretty epic, too.

After Cheryl's mother sent her away to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy for her "deviant" behavior, Toni -- along with Veronica and Kevin -- staged a full-on rescue operation, which culminated in Choni's swoonworthy first smooch. Who needs a knight in shining armor when you have a Serpent princess in a catsuit?


7. They totally upstaged the core four with their "You Shine" reprise.

The Choni duet may have been a deleted scene from Riverdale's musical episode, but the pair's musical moment -- in which Toni assures Cheryl that she's strong enough to stand up to her mother -- was a shipper scene for the ages. "No doubts / No more fears / I see you shine and the dark disappears." 


8. And Cheryl got her chance to save Toni, too.

When Penny Peabody kidnapped Toni during riot night -- in order to pressure the Serpents into selling drugs on the southside -- Cheryl went full-on Robin Hood, showing up with her bow and arrow to threaten the Ghoulies into giving up her lady love.


9. They finally made it official -- when Cheryl became a Serpent.

And, listen, if you weren't already sold on this ship, just look at Toni's face when her girl got her own Serpent jacket. I MEAN.


10. There’s so much more to come.

"We're not rushing it too much," Morgan said of Choni's scenes together in season two -- some of which were left on the cutting room floor. "I think now that the fans have had a little taste, [in] season three they can really get into the Choni relationship."

"Oh, and she's going to be on the back of my motorcycle," the actress added. "I think everyone is going to want to see that!"

We can't wait!

See more on Choni in the video below, and hit us up on Twitter for more swoon-inducing Shipworthy content -- and to tell us about your favorite pairs! Happy shipping!


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