11 Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers You Can Easily Use at Home

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Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers
Chamberlain Coffee and Bodum

Sunny days ahead mean you can start to break out spring sandalsdresses and a cool glass of cold brew coffee without feeling like you're freezing. Sure, you could go to your favorite coffee shop to enjoy your fave cold brew blend, but that can get pricey (especially if you need your java fix every day). Making your own cold brew coffee at home is pretty easy, and ET has picked out some of the best cold brew coffee makers to make the brewing process even simpler.

A good and flavorful cup of cold brew relies on its seeping process. Typically, you need to let your freshly ground coffee beans seep in some water overnight or for about half a day because this makes the brew more concentrated. That's why French presses and drip coffee systems are so popular among cold brew coffee fans. Nevertheless, there are alternatives to the French press — some of which make the brewing process quite a bit faster.

In addition to the French press system specifically made for cold brew coffee from Emma Chamberlain's coffee brand, ET has found some of the best coffee makers to seep your morning cold brew. In addition to several top-of-the-line French presses and drip coffee makers, we've also included a unique cold brew kegerator system, as well as an electric cold brew coffee maker to our round-up.

Shop ET's picks for the best cold brew coffee makers below.

This cold brew coffee maker by Takeya is a versatile coffee-making system. Unlike French presses, Takeya's coffee maker infuses the ground coffee flavors into the water in the canister. The fine-mesh coffee filter just keeps your coffee grounds from getting into the canister. Because it can tolerate high temperatures, you can also use it to brew a hot batch of coffee on those days that you just want a break from the cold brew.


The removable stainless steel filter on this cold brew iced coffee maker makes it a lot easier to clean up after each batch. Thanks to the high-quality filter and glass carafe, this device can be used as a hot or cold coffee maker, and it can function as a tea infuser. 


Chamberlain Coffee x Bodum Cold Brew Press
Chamberlain Coffee and Bodum

Youtuber Emma Chamberlain is just as coffee-obsessed as the rest of us, hence her titular coffee company, Chamberlain Coffee. This cold brew press takes the stress out of making your cold brew java. This specific French press will help sustain the full-body flavors in your coffee even as it seeps at a cold temperature.


This affordable French press by Bodum comes with two different lids, one airtight lid for storing your cold brew coffee in the fridge and another airtight lid that has a plunger so that you can press the coffee grounds down. 


This Fellow product gives you a dripper carafe system to brew your favorite cold brew blends. The set also makes measuring your water to coffee grounds ratio even easier with a built-in guide to help you measure everything out. 


A portable coffee maker that also makes cold brew coffee — could you want anything more from a cold brew coffee system? The airtight seal also keeps this device from leaking while you run errands.


Typically, making cold brew takes a while. It can take half a day, up to a full day to brew properly. However, the Cusinart Cold Brew Coffee cuts down on that brew time. Thanks to this electric cold brew coffee maker, it takes less than an hour to make your cold brew coffee even at the strongest intensity. 


The KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a kitchen essential for coffee aficionados. You can place in it your fridge while the coffee grounds seep, then use the nozzle to easily pour yourself a glass.


If you have a small kitchen or you're just struggling to find space for a new kitchen gadget, the OXO Brew Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker might be right for you. This coffee maker produces up to 16 ounces of cold brew coffee, which it automatically dispenses when you place the brewer on the carafe.


This gadget is a kegerator that exclusively makes cold brew coffee. Thanks to the nitro gas that the GrowlerWerks uKeg uses, you can brew your coffee a lot quicker. Plus, you can make up to 12 cups of cold brew coffee at one time.


This coffee-making system by Country Line Kitchen is great for seeping iced tea, iced coffee and cold brew coffee. To make your drink of choice, simply let your coffee grounds seep overnight. Then, you can remove the filter portion from the mason jar drink container, sip and enjoy. Plus, all the parts of this coffee maker are dishwasher-safe.



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