Lauren Zima Is ET's Newest Correspondent

ET is kicking off its new season with a familiar face.

Lauren Zima is ET's newest correspondent! 

Entertainment Tonight is kicking off its 39th season on Monday with a face that's familiar to viewers -- Zima recently served as host of ET Live, and before that, worked as a host and senior producer for ETonline. 

The Chicago native earned her master's degree in broadcast journalism and bachelor's degree in magazine journalism at the University of Missouri, and joined the ET family in 2015. In her time here, she's interviewed countless stars, from Reese Witherspoon and Meryl Streep to Tom Hanks and Kim Kardashian, and created and hosted ET's popular Bachelor Nation recap series, Roses and Rosé

Here are seven more things to know about Zima. 

1. She knows how to start the day right. 

Zima's two necessities to start the day? "Dancing and drinking coffee," she says. "I get a quad shot of espresso, blast the latest song I'm obsessed with in my car [right now it's Taylor Swift's "False God"] and drive to work. I like to start my day in a good mood, no matter what -- today is a new day and that means new opportunity."

2. Only one celeb has made her starstruck. 

"I don't really get starstruck, because I am so focused on trying to do my job right, but I will say Richard Gere -- that Richard Gere got me," Zima reveals. "He was charming and disarming on [a] red carpet."

"Pretty Woman was my favorite movie growing up. I might have watched it at too young of an age. But it's Richard Gere, and not only was he funny and witty in the interview, he tried to physically turn the interview around and ask me the questions," she adds. "Richard, I got lost in your eyes, I must admit."

3. She's got a long bucket list. 

Zima's interviewed a lot of people during her years at ET -- but she's still got a few names on her bucket list. "Britney Spears," she says of who she'd like to sit down with next. "I've got a lot of questions for Britney. I want to know a ton. And I don't know if she'd answer all the questions I want to know the answers to... Oh, and Brad Pitt, because Brad Pitt."

4. There's a reason her Bachelor Nation recap show is called Roses and Rosé. 

When she's not on a red carpet, you can find Zima relaxing with a glass of wine. But, she stays active too. "I love working out in a way where I can get outside. I love biking on the beach here in California. I love going on a hike," she shares. 

5. The 31-year-old deals with a surprising struggle. 

"Something most people would be surprised to know about me is I'm nearly legally blind... my vision is horrible," she reveals. "I tried to get LASIK surgery, and they told me my vision was too bad to even do it." 

"It makes me feel great about myself when I get up in the morning though, because I can't see anything, so I'm like, 'You look great!'" she jokes. 

6. Celine Dion will play her in a movie (if she has it her way). 

"Who would play me in my biopic? Well, the answer is easy: Celine Dion," Zima exclaims.

"She looks nothing like me. I don't even know if Celine is really into acting, but when I was very small, I wanted to be a singer. I have always loved Celine, and my biopic could just be her acting crazy and singing," she suggests. "That's all I want. That's how I want to be remembered." 

7. She's got some great words to live by. 

Zima's mantra is all about keeping things positive. "Life is going to throw things at you, and no one escapes unscathed. I appreciate the good times, and I see the silver lining in the tough," she shares. "Life's too short to not laugh!"

Check out Zima's interview with Hannah Brown in the video below.