'90 Day Bares All': Syngin and Tania Get Very Open About Their Sex Life

Tania and Syngin from '90 Day Fiance'

The couple discussed dungeons, BDSM and their favorite thing to do in the bedroom.

Syngin and Tania have no qualms about publicly discussing their sex life. The couple, who got married on the season 7 finale of 90 Day Fiancé last year, got extremely candid about their sex life on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Bares All.

The two talked about their revelation on Love Games, when Tania said Syngin's fantasy was having a dungeon. While Tania denied that she and Syngin had thought about turning their basement into a dungeon, she revealed that she was interested in what went down in other people's dungeons.

"We've just always heard about [dungeons] talking about BDSM and kink to other folks. Someone actually was like, 'Oh, maybe you should come to the dungeon once.' And we were like, 'Wait, what?'" she said. "It just seems to be a very open, kinky sex party that happens."

"If you think of Fifty Shades of Grey or something like that," Syngin chimed in. "A little bit of a dark little space where you like a little scratching, a little bit of pinching, and a little bit of teasing... All consensual."

Though Tania said she and Syngin haven't "fully gone there" in terms of a BDSM lifestyle, Syngin revealed some of the sexual activities they do enjoy.

"I have a thing under the bed where I tie her up. We have whips, we have a couple of pinching objects," he said, before further explaining the item he stores under the bed.

"It's a sex thing that you buy. It's basically so you can tie your partner up at the feet and the hands," he said. "... It can fit into your travel bag."

"Oh gosh," Tania said with a giggle. "Hopefully my mom doesn't see this."

Syngin continued to discuss their sex life, saying that their time in the bedroom is "of course" fun.

"The tying up is the best part of it all," he said. "And then you get all the other little goodies out, little pinchers, little twisters, little feather."

"We have a whole little sex box," Tania added. "We have nipple clamps in there, a little whip in it, feathers, masks, vibrators, definitely vibrators."

"Yeah and a couple of rings, you know," Syngin noted. "Just whatever we can fit in there, kind of. I'm just trying to make like it's normal talking about it."

Robinson next wanted to know which of them typically whipped the other. Tania told Syngin, "I don't think I've whipped you," before her husband stood up and offered himself up.

"You can whip me right now," Syngin said, before Tania hit his butt. "That's what we're talking about."

Viewers previously saw Syngin's struggles after moving from South Africa to Colchester, Connecticut, to be with Tania, whom he connected with after they met at a bar while she was traveling to South Africa.

ET spoke to the couple last year ahead of their 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? appearance, which showed Syngin questioning if he should return to America after a trip home. Though he had his doubts, Syngin did return to the U.S. with his bride.

"I'm committed and I think there's a good future in America right now for me and good things going on here and everything," he said. "Obviously, it's all because of this girl sitting next to you. But if that doesn't work out, I think I will be on the first plane out of here. I don't think I would be staying around in America."

"If relationships were built only on love, we would have the best relationship ever," Tania said. "But we're two individual people with our own habits and likes and dislikes and minds and thoughts. If we can blend all that together, we'll see."

90 Day Bares All airs Sundays on Discovery+.