'90 Day Fiancé': Andrei Finally Reveals Why He Was Forced Out of Moldova

Andrei tells the dramatic truth about his past in Moldova.

Andrei finally came clean to his wife, Elizabeth, about why he moved to Ireland, where they initially met, from his home country of Moldova on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?.

Elizabeth and her family have been in Moldova to see her get married a second time to Andrei, so that this time, all of his family and friends can be present. However, Elizabeth's family, who lives in Tampa, Florida, have been experiencing extreme culture shock and have also not been getting along with Andrei. Andrei and Elizabeth's brother, Charlie, even almost got into a fist fight over dinner when Charlie wouldn't stop asking why Andrei left Moldova to live in Ireland, where he met Elizabeth while she was traveling. Andrei was extremely offended by Charlie's questioning, especially since Charlie implied that Andrei was only looking to get a green card through Elizabeth.

Though Andrei eventually apologized for losing his temper -- though he only did so at Elizabeth's insistence -- Elizabeth's family has continued to press for answers about Andrei's past. They even met up with his best friend, Marcel -- without Andrei present -- who told them a little bit about his and Andrei's past working together as cops. Marcel said that police in Moldova were very corrupt, and claimed that because Andrei didn't want to go along with something illegal, he had to leave the country.

Elizabeth's family later met up with Elizabeth and Andrei, and confronted him about this information. A shocked Elizabeth insisted that Andrei never told her these details, and said that he only told her that he left Moldova because he wanted to make more money in Ireland. Elizabeth insisted that Andrei tell her everything or else she wouldn't marry him a second time.

"I knew a little bit about his past when he was a detective, but definitely not all of those details like he had to flee the country so he wouldn't get in trouble. Like, that's insane to me," she said. "I feel betrayed. I expected the man I married to be completely honest with me, and Andrei hasn't. In keeping these secrets so long, honestly, it's not hard to question what other things he's been keeping from me."

A frustrated Andrei eventually told Elizabeth the circumstances of him leaving his home country. Andrei claimed that in Moldova, some people have connections to get them out of jail and that they ask higher-ranked people in the police force to not do actions that will put them in jail.

"They asked me to do some stuff," Andrei claimed. "I didn't do it. I refused to do it. I left. I had to leave the country because if I didn't leave, they will set me up and I will lose everything -- not only my job, I would lose my f**king life."

"When I was working in the law enforcement, you actually have to do things ... like things that are not actually legal because someone asked you to do it who has connections," he also told cameras. "That's how it is. It's like a mob. I did what I had to do. But I escaped, you know, other things that could, like, affect my future. I just did the right thing for me at that time. That's it."

Elizabeth accepted Andrei's explanation and said he should've just told her that from the beginning. The two embraced, with Andrei assuring her that "it's all good."

ET spoke with Andrei and Elizabeth in July, when they addressed the mystery of why he left Moldova, which the show has been teasing since the beginning of the season.

"There was no trouble at all, there were actually events that got me to move to Ireland but I don't consider what it was to be very serious," Andrei said. "But that's in my opinion, but for them it's a little different."

Elizabeth definitely disagreed, and said it was indeed more of a big deal to her.

"But what I can say without giving away too much is that there were surprises that kind of came up and my family is just yet again, digging and digging and digging and bringing it to my attention," she said at the time. "You'll just have to watch, it gets ... it was a lot for me and I'm still kind of processing it, too."

"I was just disappointed at first, but then I understood his intent behind it since he communicated and we kind of talked it out and he explained to me why he said the things he said and did the things he did," she added.

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