'90 Day Fiancé': Ariela Angrily Confronts Biniyam's Female MMA Partner

Ariela even called out her fake eyelashes.

Ariela's aggressive side shockingly came out on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé. Although Ariela was surprisingly calm earlier in the season when Biniyam's sister, Wish, threw wine in her face, she completely lost her temper on Sunday's episode when she found out Biniyam was doing his MMA training with a woman.

Ariela and Biniyam's move to New Jersey from Ethiopia this season hasn't been going well. Ariela has been stressed over their finances since Biniyam can't work for 90 days and the cost of living for the couple and their son, Avi, has drastically gone up due to their move. Ariela also isn't convinced that Biniyam's MMA dreams are realistic given the cost of training as compared to what the average fighter makes. The drive to the MMA gym is also 45 minutes away from their apartment and he can't drive himself.

"I want Biniyam to pursue his dream but I pictured us having a much more normal work-life balance here in the U.S.," she said. "In Ethiopia, Bini worked a million hours around the clock and it was an issue with us that Bini wasn't around enough for me and Avi. I don't want to happen here in the U.S." 

But Biniyam loved the training gym, and the trainer told him that training would require two to four hours every day. Not surprisingly, Ariela wasn't happy with the level of commitment that would be required of Biniyam.

"These 90 days are supposed to be for us to work on our issues and I'm afraid that Bini is prioritizing his dreams over his family, then it could prevent us from getting married," she said.

Ariela noted that she felt overwhelmed between driving Biniyam to MMA practice, taking care of Avi and working remotely for her friend's social media company. Later, she entered the gym to pick Biniyam up and was shocked to see him wrestling with a female training partner. She immediately lost her temper and asked Biniyam why he didn't think to tell her that he was training with a woman. She confronted the woman, whose name was Melissa, and noted that she had "full makeup on." Although a clearly embarrassed Biniyam tried to stop Ariela, she wouldn't back down.

"Do you think he should tell me that he's training with you?" Ariela asked Melissa. "You still wear fake eyelashes to the gym."

Melissa told Ariela that while she didn't have a boyfriend, she and Biniyam both had fights coming up which is why they were training together. The trainer, Charles, noted that he didn't "like this type of energy in the gym."

Ariela and Biniyam continued to fight after leaving the gym and kept talking over one other.

"I didn't realize he was training with women," Ariela told cameras. "And here I come today and he's like, wrapped up with this woman with her legs all around him, it's like, he should've told me but as usual, he didn't. This is the same behavior of constantly avoiding conflict that continues to hurt our relationship, but here we are again."

ET recently spoke with Ariela and Biniyam about their big move to America and how they're still dealing with lingering issues in their relationship this season. Watch the video below for more.