'90 Day Fiancé': Biniyam Says He Wants a Green Card Whether He Stays With Ariela or Not

Ariela is starting to wonder if she loves Biniyam more than he loves her.

Ariela is starting to wonder if she loves Biniyam more than he loves her. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Biniyam had an awkward dinner with Ariela's family, and shockingly told them that he wanted Ariela to help him get a green card to stay in America whether or not they ended up together.

On Sunday's episode, Biniyam had a conversation with his sisters, Mimi and Wish, over FaceTime. He said he was worried about meeting Ariela's siblings since he felt they would judge him over him and Ariela having serious issues in their relationship when she went to America without him so that their son, Avi, could get surgery. He also expressed concern that if he and Ariela didn't get married in 90 days, he'd have to go back to Ethiopia and be away from Avi. Biniyam is already traumatized over not seeing his older son, Simon, after his American ex-wife left Ethiopia.

"My family wish I stay in Ethiopia but they know I have to stay with Ari because of our son," he told cameras. "Me and Ari are, our relationship, I hope we can fix it, but I don't know. That's why my sisters said, at least even if the relationship doesn't work out, Ari, at least she can help you with the green card. I like that idea, to protect me, because I lost my first son, I don't want to lose this family."

Later, at the dinner with Ariela's family, her sister bluntly asked him about the big fights he had with Ariela when she was in New Jersey taking care of Avi by herself. Biniyam got emotional and said he told Ariela he was sorry because he wasn't putting his family first. The conversation then turned to their finances, and Biniyam and Ariela didn't have an answer about how they were going to afford living in America. Biniyam said his dream was to be a UFC fighter whether or not he was with Ariela.

"I came for Ari, but my family, they tell me, even Ari, if she don't want you, she can sign for your green card because it's good for me," he said.

Not surprisingly, her family was silent at the notion that he just wanted a green card out of Ariela. Ariela told cameras that Biniyam was having trouble communicating, which has led to fights in their past.

"Sometimes I worry that I love Biniyam more than he loves me or that he doesn't love in the same way that I do," she told cameras. "And I wonder if we'll ever work out our trust and communication issues."

She also told him in front of her family, "I'm the real prize here -- better than a green card if I decide to marry you."

ET recently spoke to Ariela and Biniyam about this season of 90 Day Fiancé, and he stressed that despite some fans questioning his love for Ariela and saying that he was moving to the U.S. just to be with their son and not because he wanted to marry her, he is all in when it comes to his relationship with Ariela.

"No, I love Ari," he said. "It's not about I don't love her, but even if this relationship, if it's working, if it is not working in the 90 days, at least I'll have to be for my son," he explained of his mindset. "That's the number one thing... That's all I have to say, just, I love Ari. I don't know what's happening with Ari's family. Just still, I don't know them. And then when you come back here, everything has changed. That's why just, I want to see what's going on. Like, if it's not working in 90 days, maybe I'll go back, maybe with my son."

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