'90 Day Fiancé': Biniyam's Sisters Call Ariela 'Evil' and Say He's 'Stuck' as He Moves to the U.S.

Ariela refused to let Biniyam's sisters kiss her son, Avi, goodbye as they left for the U.S.

There appears to be no hope for reconciliation when it comes to the relationship between Ariela and Biniyam's sisters, Wish and Mimi. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Biniyam and Ariela said goodbye to Ethiopia as they moved to New York City, and Biniyam's sisters shed tears as they worried about his future in the U.S. and how he would be treated.

Ariela and Biniyam's sisters have had bad blood for a while, but it boiled over on last Sunday's episode when Wish threw a glass of wine in Ariela's face because she was upset that Biniyam didn't tell his family that he was moving to the U.S. until the night before. Ariela said she was done trying to fix the relationship, but on Sunday's episode, Biniyam kept pushing for peace between his siblings and his fiancée. He asked Ariela to go to a goodbye lunch with his family and she refused.

"I don't want to be in the middle," Biniyam told cameras. "Already I have stress. ... I want everyone to get along before I go to America."

Meanwhile, Ariela noted, "His sisters have never treated me well and I always give them chances, but at this point, I don't want anything to do with them."

At Biniyam's family's lunch, Wish said she was glad Ariela didn't come and that Ariela had to say sorry to her. When a producer asked if she should also say sorry, she replied, "100 percent no."

"She said, like, we're not important after we've done everything for her," Wish said. "Like, it hurt me."

Later, Mimi shed tears as she worried for her brother.

"You know what naivete means, right? It's like foolishness," she told him. "Don't be too naive. Take care of yourself, that's most important."

They also encouraged him to try to reconnect with his older son, Simon, with his American ex-wife. Biniyam hadn't seen Simon in over three years and is heartbroken over it, which is part of the reason why he is so determined to make his relationship with Ariela work in order to remain close to their son, Avi. Biniyam said he still wanted to try to mend the relationship between his family and Ariela since if he lost his family he would also feel "broken."

But Ariela placed the blame on his family.

"It has always been important for Bini that I get along with his family," she noted. "So the fact that his sisters have never treated me well, it makes me sad for Bini because they're just hurting him."

At the airport, Wish and Mimi didn't want to face Ariela, so she went back inside the car. When they asked if Ariela was willing to let them kiss Avi goodbye, Biniyam spoke to Ariela in the car and she refused, telling him it was cold. Biniyam then told his sisters that Avi was sleeping.

"It's cold outside. If they aren't so stupid they can come and see him, but their behavior is really stupid," Ariela said.

Meanwhile, Wish said the situation was "a shame" and shed tears.

"I cannot believe she doesn't let us say goodbye to Avi," she told cameras.  "He's like our kid, so that hurt. That hurt a lot."

Mimi added, "We feel she is evil."

Wish told Biniyam that if he had problems in the U.S., they could pay for a ticket to bring him back and didn't want to hear about him "suffering."

"If Avi were not born, their relationship would be short," Mimi told cameras. "Bini is my brother. Our mother and father died early and we didn't have anyone in our life. Bini ... he's naive, really naive. And he trusts people and is patient. And the things that happen to him make me so sad. And what is happening to him now is something I know he does not deserve."

Wish added, "He's the definition of stuck."

Biniyam admitted he was scared about moving to the U.S., but that he didn't have a choice but to fight for his family and for his relationship with Ariela.


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