'90 Day Fiancé': Big Ed Says He Thought He Was 'Going to Die' After Gun Incident in Mexico

Big Ed explains exactly what happened after he and his date were forced to run for cover after hearing gunshots.

90 Day Fiancé star Big Ed and his date, Kaory, are thankfully safe after a scary incident in Mexico. On Friday's episode of 90 Day: The Single Life, Ed and Kaory deal with the aftermath of having to run for cover after shots are fired outside the restaurant during their first date, which had Kaory saying prayers and producers and cameramen also running to hide.

Ed, 56, met Kaory, 38, through a friend and he was excited about their connection, though they had only texted back and forth and had never met in person. He decided to travel to Mexico to meet her and their date was going well until a woman suddenly appeared in the background and motioned for the cameras to stop filming, as loud gunshots could be heard. Later, Ed explained what happened.

"It was crazy, everybody starts rushing into the restaurant and the police are outside going, 'Everybody get down, get down,'" he told cameras as a shaken Kaory sat on the ground in the bathroom. "And I heard, pop, and I heard two gunshots."

"[Kaory] was the first person into the bathroom," he continued. "And I held her, and we closed the door and we just trembled. At that moment, I thought I was going to die. Basically it was a communication breakdown between two law enforcement officers, and one fired a gun and one bumped a car, so it was a big misunderstanding, not drug gun fire, which we thought it was."

Kaory said she was embarrassed because the incident was not representative of her city, and Ed said he understood.

"I was thinking this was it," he admitted to cameras. "There was no way out. It was a feeling of hopelessness, and I was scared to death. And I was looking at Kaory, and Kaory has this look of just, disappointment. She was in disbelief that this happened."

Still, the incident brought them closer together. Kaory told cameras that Ed was "grounded" and gave her peace, and Ed said they were forever connected because of what they went through together. Ed then invited her to his hotel room so she could "calm down and relax."

"What just happened was horrifying and Kaory is very upset, so, instead of sending her home I invited her to my hotel," he said. "But Kaory is very conservative, so the thought did cross my mind that this would be a little too forward, but I simply asked her and she agreed to come back."

At the hotel room, Ed and Kaory said the incident taught them that life is short and contemplated the shocking turn of events.

"So at this point, I'm really feeling a connection with her," he told cameras. "Perhaps Kaory has feelings for me, and as bad as the shooting was, it will always be a part of us. So this is an opportunity for us to take that and really build on it."

The two set up a second date when Kaory invited Ed as well as his mom and his dog Teddy to have coffee at a garden near her house. However, Ed couldn't stop overthinking it.

"We are starting a foundation to possibly fall in love but then how does it work?" he mused. "Like, where do I live, how much money am I gonna need? There's a lot of moving parts to love but I hope that Kaory was able to see a side of me that I care about her."

Of course, fans now know it didn't work out with Kaory as he is currently engaged to his on-and-off girlfriend, 29-year-old Liz. Last month, he confirmed he popped the question.

"About a month before we got back together, I realized that I really didn't appreciate who she was and I don't want to love anybody else," he said in an interview with PeopleTV's Reality Check. "And never in a million years did I think that I would ever be together with Liz — it's just surreal."

"I wasn't a good person, I wasn't a good boyfriend," he also acknowledged about his past behavior with her, including breaking up with her eight times via text. "I didn't treat Liz like she deserved to be treated. I wasn't a good listener. That was all about me — I was so consumed with [myself]."