'90 Day Fiancé': Big Ed's Love Interest Kaory Firmly Tells Him to Be Quiet (Exclusive)

Big Ed's eagerness to get into a serious relationship is seriously turning off Kaory, his love interest in Mexico.

Big Ed's eagerness to be in a serious relationship is turning off Kaory, his love interest in Mexico. In this exclusive clip from Friday's 90 Day: The Single Life, streaming on Discovery+, Ed tries to take his and Kaory's budding relationship to the next level, but she's clearly not into it.

Ed was set up with Kaory through a mutual friend. After the two texted back and forth, he traveled to Mexico with his mom to meet her in person. Despite their first date ending in a scary incident -- the two had to run for cover when shots were fired outside the restaurant they were having dinner at -- their connection grew. In this clip, Ed asks her how she feels about him and although she says she feels "love," she doesn't want to be pressured into anything.

"But you know when you and me talk about our relationship, I feel high expectations," she says. "People ask a lot and don't allow things to be."

"I thought it was nice that Ed opened his heart to me, but I think that a relationship is built," she also tells cameras. "And to build it takes days, weeks, months, years."

Ed decides to put it all on the line and tells her he likes her and feels a connection with her, but Kaory pushes back.

"Can't you just be quiet and let things happen?" she asks. "I need a little silence."

While Ed continues to try to talk to her, she cuts him off.

"No. Can't you just be quiet?" she tells him.

Ed is clearly caught off guard by the awkward moment.

"I'm trying to understand, I really am, but it's really confusing," he tells cameras. "So I'm thinking to myself, 'I'm into you, I like you, I think you're into me, you know, let's see where this can go.'"

Of course, fans know that 56-year-old Ed ended up getting back together with his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Liz, and the two are now engaged -- even after he admitted to breaking up with her eight times via text. In an interview with PeopleTV's Reality Check, he acknowledged he hadn't treated 29-year-old Liz well.

"I wasn't a good person, I wasn't a good boyfriend," he said. "I didn't treat Liz like she deserved to be treated. I wasn't a good listener. That was all about me -- I was so consumed with [myself]."

"About a month before we got back together, I realized that I really didn't appreciate who she was and I don't want to love anybody else," he continued. "And never in a million years did I think that I would ever be together with Liz -- it's just surreal."