'90 Day Fiancé': Biniyam Proposes to a Stressed-Out Ariela

Biniyam put a ring on it!

Biniyam put a ring on it on Sunday's season finale of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way! After he and Ariela welcomed their son, Aviel, and fought over significant cultural differences all season long, the two still decided to take their relationship to the next level.

Of course, the proposal didn't go smoothly. Biniyam decided to propose during Timkat, an orthodox holiday celebrating the baptism of Jesus Christ that is extremely important to him and his family. However, Ariela got extremely nervous when she saw the crowd of people.

"I just got here, and I'm really wondering, are we doing the right thing by bringing Avi here?" she told cameras. "There's a lot of people here, and there's, like, open sun, and the speakers are really loud. The baby is only one month old."

She told Biniyam, "If a lot of water gets on him, I'm gonna be really upset. 'Cause, you know, the baby's really sensitive. I mean, I'm just worried that people will hit him or something."

Her anxiety turned into a full-on freak-out when priests started to hose down the crowd with holy water from a garden hose.

"I have no idea where this water is coming from or why it's holy, but they're all desperate to get the water, and they're just pushing up against each other," she noted.

Ari then told Biniyam she had enough and took Avi away. The usually mild-mannered Biniyam then asked her what was wrong.

"You keep pushing my boundaries every time," she shot back. "You're yelling at me now. You're yelling at me. ... Don't put your finger in my face."

Ariela emotionally told cameras, "I'm not comfortable, and I don't think that's unreasonable in any way, and I feel like I'm really trying hard to explain that, but the lack of language and the lack of a will to understand on Baby's part just makes this very hard. I really want him to enjoy the holiday, but not at the expense of everybody else."

As for Biniyam, he said he was considering no longer proposing.

"Right now, I'm so mad," he said. "Ari, she's annoying person. She's selfish and only cares for herself. I don't know why."

Later, Ariela calmed down and said she didn't want to keep fighting with Biniyam.

"I do have a tendency to freak out, especially when it involves my son, but he thinks I'm looking for an excuse to make conflict, he doesn't realize I'm really worried, rightfully so," she reflected. "At the same time, though, I could have expressed myself in a more calm manner. ... I really don't want to fight today. I know this day is super important for him. I know we got off to the wrong start, but I have hope for the day. Like, we could turn it around. At the end of the day, I love Bini, and I don't want to continue this."

Ariela went to go find Biniyam and gave him a big hug, telling him that she loved him. The gesture touched Biniyam and spurred him to propose.

"When Ari came and told me she loved me, it made me forget everything," he shared of the stressful day. "It was a big and unforgettable moment."

Ariela was touched by Biniyam's proposal, which included him sticking the ring in a lemon as a nod to the cultural traditions of Timkat.

"This was a big surprise," a happy Ariela told cameras. "I mean, after the day we just had, this so crazy. This is the coolest proposal of all time, and the fact that we were fighting all day and that I would say yes just goes to show that our relationship is a little bit like that. You know, even if we fight, we still love each other at the end of the day."

"If you had told me I would be living in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, raising a family here, having my son here, I would have said, 'Sounds crazy to me,'" she continued. "There's still so much we have to get through, and things are not gonna be easy, but when you love someone, you try to work through all the hard stuff. And I'm hopeful for the future, but I know there's a lot more to come."

Meanwhile, ET spoke with Ariela last month, and she responded to some viewers' criticism that she expects too much out of Biniyam, such as when it came to their living conditions, and expecting him to make money while also being with her and the baby as much as possible.

"I think that a lot of the fans who watch the show don't expect much from the men on it," she replied with a laugh, noting that because the show is condensed, there are also certain things that are not explained fully. "Biniyam is great, he does try very hard, but I think if people saw the amount of things that I do for him, they would demand a little bit more from him."

"I also think it's a learning process for Biniyam because he grew up without parents, you know, an example of what is a successful marriage, and we're from different cultures," she added. "There's a difference of expectations with what the man is supposed to do in the culture and everything. In some ways, he's a very modern guy, you know, he's a guy that loves to take care of his baby and all this stuff, and in other ways, he is very affected by cultural ways of thinking. I think it's a learning process for him to kind of understand what I expect from him."

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