'90 Day Fiancé': Brandon Stands Up to His Parents and Tells Them He's Moving Out

Looks like farm life might be over for Brandon and Julia.

Brandon has had enough of living with his parents, Betty and Ron. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Brandon confronted his parents when they ignored him and his wife, Julia's, request to not make a big deal about them getting married at a party that was supposed to be for Ron's 70th birthday, leading to a big blowup.

While Julia has been unhappy living on Brandon's parents' farm in Virginia for some time now, Brandon has always been hesitant to leave due to them saving money by living with his parents. But Brandon got upset that his parents were pushy when it came to wanting to celebrate his marriage to Julia with their family, even when Brandon and Julia expressly told them they didn't want any extra attention on them and were happy with the small ceremony they were able to have at a courthouse during the coronavirus pandemic. As Betty and Ron planned Ron's 70th birthday party, they asked if they could make it a joint wedding celebration, which Brandon and Julia refused. Still, when Brandon and Julia arrived at the party, it became obvious Betty didn't listen to them.

"So, we got to dad's birthday party, and as we entered the room, there's all these cool decorations," Brandon told cameras. "Um, you know, some of it looks like it's for a birthday party but some of the other side of the room looked like it's for a wedding. We specifically talked about it, and my mom agreed she wouldn't do anything like this. ... This party doesn't seem like it was for us, not for my dad. It seemed like this party was about her."

Betty even invited Brandon and Julia's wedding officiant to the party, who gave a speech in their honor. The final straw was when Betty also got a cake to celebrate their wedding.

"I mean, who wouldn't want a party and a cake? But that's not the point," Brandon told cameras. "I'm tired of being treated like a child. I just feel personally disrespected and hurt. You know, it's not OK."

When Brandon confronted his mom, she wasn't sorry in the least.

"Really? You're upset that I got you a cake and that we want everybody to just be happy about your wedding? Really?" she asked him.

She also told cameras, "I just couldn't imagine how somebody could be rude and uncaring and so ungrateful. He would have never have done that if Julia hadn't been there. And I'm really starting to think that she's trying to turn him against us -- or against me."

After Brandon told his mom that she couldn't respect their boundaries, Julia took his hand and said they were leaving the party.

Later, Brandon tells his parents that he now wanted to move out.

"It's become really difficult, you know, all of us have been here together," he told them. "It has absolutely turned into just too much for the four of us to live together. We just really want our own space."

An upset Betty teared up and said she had dreamed that Brandon would want to take over the farm.

"We've loved you guys and we wanted you to be here and I understand that you want to have your own place," she said. "But don't throw it back in my face like we did something wrong. Because we didn't, we loved you and we wanted to do something nice for you."

Betty got more upset when Brandon told her that they were "out of here" once they found a place they liked.

"Out of here? That's the way you're gonna tell your mom?" she asked him in disbelief. "How about just saying, 'We'd like to have our own space and we want you to be part of [it.]'"

Meanwhile, Ron called out Brandon, noting that he had no experience paying his own bills. He also told cameras that Brandon did try to move out once but came home after just two months.

"An apartment is not six and seven hundred dollars, an apartment is 11, 12 hundred dollars," Ron told him. "The amount of money you're gonna pay every single month. It's enormous. You're not even used to doing it, you've never done it in your life. You're totally unprepared, totally unprepared for that. Julia's not working yet. Can you handle this all on your paycheck? Really think about this. Oh yeah, you can't go out and eat, you can't go out and take her out. You can't do anything. Because you have no money. Are you kidding me? You know what? If you think you can do it, you go for it, buddy. You go for it."

Ron told Brandon not to come to him for help, and told cameras that he felt like his son and daughter-in-law were ungrateful for everything he and Betty had done for them.

"I don't really think they understand what we provided for them," he said. "And they still have not really acquired anything to live on their own. It's gonna be an eye-opener for both of them."


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