'90 Day Fiancé': Brittany Opens Up About Dating an 85-Year-Old Man (Exclusive)

The 27-year-old '90 Day Fiancé' star is dishing about her shocking relationship with a much older man.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Brittany is dishing about her shocking relationship with a much older man.

ET spoke with the 27-year-old reality star on Wednesday, and she talked about stunning viewers on the premiere episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 2 earlier this month, when she shared that she once dated an 85-year-old man. Brittany -- who's now engaged to 24-year-old Yazan, who lives in Jordan -- said her fiancé is definitely not the type she's gone for in the past. She said that she got into "the wrong relationship" when she was 17 and that her ex was very controlling, and since then, she only dated men 45 years old and up -- including her 85-year-old ex.

Brittany told ET's Melicia Johnson that she met her much older ex while out and about in South Beach Florida with her girlfriends, who are in their 40s.

"For some reason, me and this 85-year-old really got along," she shares. "He was young style, he liked to go to the gym, I love to work out ... He liked to go on long bike rides, I went for bike rides every morning. So, we just did stuff together all the time that we both enjoy doing and we just ended up dating. To me, at one point, I just stopped seeing his age and I was just looking at his soul and it was just so amazing, you know? I was just like, 'Wow, you know, you're great.'"

Brittany said she especially appreciated his attentiveness to her, like sharing recipes with her and dropping juices off to her in the mornings.

"Little stuff like that catches my attention," she notes. "Someone who really cares about my well-being."

Looking back, she has no regrets about the relationship and said she learned so much from him.

"I learned about business," she shares. "I learned about loving myself more. I learned about being more of a classier woman and having men respect me more, how to have more respect. ... He just gave me more insight into a lot of things and he was like, so much of a mentor to me as well, and he just really, really wanted to see me succeed and win."

Still, she revealed that their age difference eventually broke them up, though they're still friends today.

"The age difference was just too much for a lot of people involved so it was just like, OK, we can just remain friends, so that's what it was," she says. "Because I didn't want to step on so many people's toes, especially in my family, and I didn't want, like, this vision out there of people and I was like, you know, there's no harm lost in being friends."

Brittany stressed that despite her dating choices appearing odd to viewers, she only sees potential partners for what's on the inside.

"I just want to say, I hope people know now that when I date, it's not for clout," she says. "I don't have time for clout-chasing when I date. It's too much energy that goes into dating for me to get just what evolves from clout-chasing. For me, 15 minutes of fame isn't worth going through a relationship with somebody because we all know relationships are hard, hard, hard work  ... I've dated a lot of ugly people you'd think that I would never date, but you know, their souls were probably very beautiful."

"I'm just a chill individual," she adds about what she wants viewers to know about her. "It's only my 27th year out here, I'm just hanging out and doing me. If you like me, you don't, if you do, you do, either are cool with me."

Brittany did admit that she's had trouble making friends in both the United States and in Jordan.

"The girls [in Jordan] don't like me," she says. "They've never seen anyone like me before, first of all, and a lot of them don't speak my language. And then when they see me with Yazan, they're just like, 'What is he doing with her?', like, 'What's he doing with this girl?' It's just really hard."

"And in America, it's hard for me to make friends, too, because people just assume like I'm mean or something and I'm not," she continues. "I'm really a nice person, I'm just an introvert, and for the most part, I keep to myself."

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